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Albany Pet Services

Albany Pet Services - Dog Training in St Albans, Hertfordshire

Do you need some support training your new puppy or dog, or are you thinking about welcoming a dog into your life but are unsure where to start?

We provide a range of dog training services and behaviour modification including recall solutions and separation related issues. We also have a walk and train option where we walk your dog and train them at the same time.

Albany Pet Services

Lead walking (individual)
Is your dog pulling on their lead when you’re walking? Are they pulling and lunging to get to other dogs when you walk down the street? Are they hurting their neck when they pull and hurting you too? We understand how stressful this can be so we can provide a dog training solution to overcome this.

Albany Pet ServicesAlbany Pet Services

Recall Solutions (individual)
Is your dog easily distracted? Do they not listen to you? It can be stressful and dangerous when your dog doesn’t come back when called. Recall is such an important life skill to master! Perhaps there’s a busy main road and your dog is heading for it – you need to call them back safely to you.

Adolescent dogs (group training)
When your dog hits adolescence it can feel that all of their training has disappeared. We’re here to guide you on how to communicate with your dog again and engage them so they’ll listen to you and have increased impulse control.

Albany Pet ServicesAlbany Pet Services

Reactivity on walks
It can be really stressful, upsetting and scary when your dog starts to lunge, bark and react to other dogs when out on walks. We can work with you to determine what your dogs triggers may be, how to reduce their stress and what techniques you can use to help make walks more enjoyable again.

Behavioural support
We’re here to support you with behavioural challenges you and your dog are experiencing including excessive chewing, barking, stereotypes (compulsive behaviour), auditory fears including fireworks, house training challenges and separation related issues.

Albany Pet ServicesAlbany Pet Services

Training and Walking Solutions
We understand the importance of training and consistency in your pets lives. We can provide  bespoke, personalised training sessions tailored to your pets needs. For the first session we will arrange a free initial consultation walk with you and your dog, this is the time you can outline what you would like your dog to learn. Then we will train them over different sessions and then on the final session we can show you how to implement this training along with worksheets. If you would like you can book our solo dog walking service and any training will be reinforced.

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