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  • Dog Behaviourist covering all of Kent
  • One-to-one consultations in your home
  • Positive reward based training method
  • Helps resolve all behavioural problems
  • Lifetime back-up guarantee
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Calmer Canines

Calmer Canines - Dog Behaviour Consultant and Trainer in Aylesford, Kent

Hello! My name is Jeanne Handley and I am a qualified Dog Behaviour Consultant based in Kent. After trying numerous different training methods myself for 8 ½ years with my own dog Harvey in an attempt to get him calmer and well behaved, I finally found Canine Communication and am testimony that this is the best way forward for you and your dogs. I have over five years’ experience using this method of helping owners to train their dogs and overcome difficult dog behaviour and would love to help you.

Dog Trainer in AylesfordDog behaviourist in AylesfordDog Training in Kent

Unlike traditional dog trainers, I offer one-to-one consultations in your home and with my help you can have a dog who:

Is calm and always wanting to please you.
Walks confidently and quietly with a loose lead, looking to you for guidance.
Always returns to you at your first call.
Greets other dogs calmly and plays happily with his or her canine friends.
Rrests peacefully alone while you are away.
Accepts visitors into your home calmly and amicably.

I can show you how this is possible for all dogs using Canine Communication, a natural and gentle method based on positive reinforcement, without the use of force or gadgets.

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Canine Communication
Inspired by Monty Roberts and his 'Horse Whispering' technique, canine communication – when done consistently and correctly – gets to the central nature of your dog and delivers incredible results.

Dogs are naturally part of a strong and well organised pack (family). Within each family every member knows their place and their survival is ultimately down to the leader.

Dog in need of trainingDog behaviourist

Unfortunately the way we, as humans, communicate with our dogs does not always give the correct signals. I will explain to you how to communicate with your dogs in a language they understand. In time, your dogs will learn to relax, respect you and be free of worries.

Canine communication is based on showing your dogs that you are the leader. It is not a quick fix but a way of life, using clear signals and body language that your dog can understand. This brings about a relationship of trust in which your dogs can relax, and accept you as their natural leader without use of force or the gadgets as commonly used in traditional dog training methods.

Used consistently Canine Communication resolves all dog behavioural problems including:

Pulling on the lead - Excessive barking - Destructive chewing - Fear of noise
Aggression - Hyperactivity - Obsessive behaviour
Fussy eating - Toileting in the house
Jumping up - Nervousness

Calmer Canines


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