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Natural Selections - Pet Food & Treats


We are a company that specialises in providing your pet companions with the best in nutritional food.

 The foods that we stock are founded on the simple idea that cats and dogs deserve a healthy, biologically appropriate, balanced diet, made from all-natural human grade ingredients, containing no cereal or fillers.

Natural SelectionsNatural SelectionsNatural Selections

The companies that supply us, which include Nutriment only use the very best Department for Environment; Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) approved British meats, fruit and vegetables that ensure a meal overflowing with vital nutrients.

Some of the brands we stock:

Natural Instinct - Nutriment - Veni-Dog - Poochs

Benyfit - Kiezebrink - Purrform - Fish 4 Dogs

Frozzys - Natures Menu - Natural Choice Treats

Alaska - For All Dog Kind

Natural SelectionsNatural SelectionsNatural Selections

How much to Feed
When feeding raw it is generally recommended that you aim to feed 2-3% of the animal's idea body weight, spread over two meals per day.  A simple method of calculating 2% is to take the animal's ideal weight (for example, 20kg), add a zero to this figure (= 200) and feed this amount in grams per meal.

Natural SelectionsNatural SelectionsNatural Selections

Puppies should generally be fed to appetite from around 4-6 weeks until around 3-4 months of age, when you should be feeding 5-6% of the animal's ideal body weight for their age, spread over four meals per day, reducing to two meals as they reach 6 months of age.  As the dog approaches maturity, start reducing the total daily amount to 2-3%, but still keep a careful eye on their weight and reduce or increase the portion size as required.  Remember - there are no hard and fast rules for feeding - every animal has a different metabolism and nutritional requirements, so feeding should be tailored to suit your pet.

Natural SelectionsNatural SelectionsNatural Selections

If your dog needs to put on weight or has higher nutritional needs, you can increase always this figure over a period of time until the optimum weight is achieved.  Alternatively, you may wish to simply feed a food with a higher percentage of fat.

If the animal needs to lose weight, reduce the amount fed per day, or chose a lower fat product.

If you have any questions or concerns about how much your pet needs, or wish to discuss your pet's particular dietary needs please feel free to contact us.

Natural SelectionsNatural SelectionsNatural Selections


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