Shorne Woods Country Park - Dog Friendly Walk in Gravesend, Kent

Shorne Woods Country Park

  • Dog Friendly walk in Gravesend
  • Outside eating area next to the cafe
  • Lots of 'off the beaten track' areas
  • Picnic areas throughout the walk

Shorne Woods Country Park is just off the A2 along Brewers Road. Its comes under the town of Gravesend but its nearer to Higham.

You do have to pay £2 to park but if you're planning to spend a morning or afternoon its not too bad. Its worth it anyway because you can walk your dog in the vast woods and tracks, admire some of theart they have on display along the paths and then, if its a nice day, sit outside with your dog and treat yourself to a nice cream tea in the outside eating area at the large on site cafe.

It can get busy if there are coach parties or in the school holidays but you can get away from the crowds by walking further into the woods and along the walking tracks. There are lots of signposts so you don't get lost.

You can let your dog off lead but if they like chasing squirrels it might be an idea to take a long line lead so your dog can enjoy a bit of freedom but you can keep hold of the other end to prevent your beloved dog from getting lost.

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