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  • Mobile canine remedial massage
  • Relieves tension, soreness, stiffness

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“Hooch hurt his left shoulder and was limping badly. The vets gave him a course of pain killers and anti-inflammatories, but once the course was finished the limping returned again. Lizzie treated Hooch with massage and stretching techniques, followed by ice packs and hot and cold packs to the affected area, and has now introduced Hooch to the exercise ball. Hooch's range of movement is now excellent; his mobility is 100%, no more limping and pain for him. Lizzie is amazing; she really does have healing hands. We can’t thank her enough for what she has achieved with Hooch, and would not hesitate is recommending her or using her in the future if need be. Hooch is a big part of our lives and to have him back fit and pain-free means so much to us. Thank you Lizzie! jason and michelle and hooch the staffie”

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“I was very glad to meet Lizzie . . . but not as much as my dogs. We have two labradors, one of which is elderly and Lizzie's treatments make all the difference. Not only do the dogs really enjoy their massage, but Lizzie explains to us what the problems are and how we can help by adapting how we walk them and by doing a few simple exercises with them, we can maintain Lizzie's good work. Both dogs must 'sit' before we feed them but we'd given up with the older one as she was too stiff to sit comfortably but after only the second of Lizzie's treatments, she was back to sitting happily when the food bowl came out, and still is. Lizzie is evidently highly trained and very knowledgeable with an obvious love of dogs but she is also a lovely person and it is always a pleasure to see her - and the dogs agree! katherine b and molly & jacko, the labs”

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“I hadn't noticed any problems with Otis before the treatments. He had no pain in any area but Lizzie found that he was very stiff in his front legs, hind legs and neck. He made a marked improvement after the first and second treatments and after switching to walking him on a harness (after Lizzie recommended it), he is much more flexible in his neck and front leg areas, but needs a bit more work on his back legs which are still stiff. In terms of his behaviour, I think the treatments have really helped to relax him and have made him a lot calmer and more manageable on his walks. He seems happier now too. I will definitely continue with the treatments with Lizzie, as she is very good and I trust her advice. I would recommend the therapy to other dog owners. claire lundie and otis, the husky”

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“I have been very impressed and pleased with Amber's progress. She is showing less fear aggression and seems to be missing Jasper less. (Jasper was my other dog who died a few months ago). She is regaining some of her lost confidence and is beginning to play again. She is also becoming more familiar with and fond of Lizzie. She is appearing to enjoy Lizzie's visits. I am really pleased with the improvement and would recommend canine massage therapy for aggression problems. stewart jones and amber, the red setter”

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“Number one asset of Healing Paws is Lizzie. Always cheerful and, importantly, our boxer, Doreen, is as pleased to see her as we are! And that's because she knows that what Lizzie does to her is nice - but it isn't just about spoiling the dog, there is something genuinely remedial in what Healing Paws offers. Doreen is nearly 7 years old now but, like all boxers, the brain has not matured and she still thinks like a one year old. So, playing with other dogs, she is prone to overdo it. Cue Lizzie and those magic hands and the muscle strains are put to rest and the dog can enjoy her time in the park. May be related, maybe not - Doreen has not been near a vet since we have known about Lizzie and Healing Paws - it means that the service is great value as well as being good for Doreen. tim and doreen, the boxer”

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“Jazz enjoys his sessions with Lizzie. He likes being fussed over so this is right up his street! He saw a chiropractor 18 months ago when he hurt his back, so this was not his first experience of therapeutic help. There is a definite tension in the area of his back that he had previously hurt, so it is lovely to feel that Jazz is benefitting from something that could really help him, as he has an underlying weakness and he also pulled a muscle while on holiday and was in terrible pain. Because of this we would very much like to access more massage for Jazz both as a preventative and as a treat for him! jackie grimes and jazz, the bernese mountain”

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