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NutriRaw Pet Food Ltd

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NutriRaw Pet Food Ltd

NutriRaw - The Freshest, Healthiest Raw Dog Food

I set up NutriRaw with 3 goals...

1. To be open and honest with all my ingredients, not to disguise any of my ingredients, and to photograph all the ingredients as they go into the hopper

2. To use the very best ingredients that I can source to make my dog food. This food is what I feed my own Vizsla on, and it is important for me to give her the best food I can, and that is an ambition that many of my customers have for their own dogs

3. To be as environmentally responsible as possible in my use of resources, packing and shipping materials, and office consumables
NutriRaw for the best quality dog food there is. Here at NutriRaw I am passionate about making the very best quality dog food that I can. I only use the freshest, healthiest and most nutritious ingredients that I can source. Your dog will love this food, and will thrive on it.

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Raw dog food is known to improve your dog's health and provide it with the type of diet it is meant to be eating.  By careful selection of meat and vegetables mixed with natural additives, your dog will be receiving a balanced and natural diet, free from artificial fillers, preservatives, colouring and low quality meat products.  Your dog will have more energy, have a glossier coat and be a better house companion.

Our complete raw food is a way to more closely mirror the diet that dogs have evolved to consume over the last tens of thousands of years.

It is an attempt to remove the low quality, cheap ingredients and unnecessary fillers that are included in most currently available dry foods, and to replace them with top quality, human grade, fresh and tasty ingredients that your dog will enjoy eating and will thrive on.

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The majority of what NutriRaw sells is chicken and beef, or a combination of the two. All our meat is certified human grade, and is bought from the wholesale meat traders at Smithfield market in London. We DO NOT use second grade meat, or meat close to, or past its “best before” date, or condemned meat due to damaged packaging. Our dog food is the BEST QUALITY there is.

The chicken that we buy is generally chicken wings or chicken carcass, depending on price and availability. These have been carefully chosen as they have the correct ratio of meat, fat and bone, and typically these are the same products that our meat traders would sell to manufacturers of BBQ chicken wings or to manufacturers of chicken stock and soup. The beef that we use is typically whole beef shin or beef trim, and these are usually sold to producers of beef to the restaurant trade, or to high street butchers that produce their own mince.

We include bones in our dog food, as bones are what dogs have evolved to eat. Fresh bones are a fantastic source of amino acids, in fact there is only one missing, methionine, but this is present in large quantities in meat. Bone is also the best possible source of minerals for your dog, and the fat soluble vitamins A, E and D are also present in large quantities. Bone also contains calcium and phosphorous in abundance, and in the correct ratio, so bones are INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT for bone development in pups. And to top it off, bones also contain plentiful supplies of antioxidants and other beneficial enzymes.

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Organ meat is a fantastic source of vitamins, including the B complex of B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, and very rich in the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, and also a wonderful source of minerals like phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium and iodine. We use chicken hearts and chicken livers, all human grade, and all bought from from the meat traders at Smithfield Market as is the rest of our meat.

The carrots, spinach, apples and swede that we buy are bought directly from wholesale traders in Spitalfields market, and we know for a fact that our supplier also supplies three of the gastro pubs in our local area. We use exactly the same products in our dog food. The additives that we use are seaweed meal, flaxseed meal, and brewer’s yeast, all of which are rich is essential amino acids and vitamins, and all are sourced from reputable UK producers, and again, all are graded for human consumption.

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