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  • Kind, Force Free, Science-based Training
  • Only Positive Training Methods Used
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  • Behaviour Modification
  • One to One Training
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K9 Education Dog Training in Groby, Leicestershire

At K9 Education we believe in relationship building; training your dog using positive methods will create an unbreakable bond.

Training should be fun; I employ science-based, force-free, pain-free methods only.

Dog Training

Through patience, consistency and kindness, training goals can be achieved, and even surpassed.

Whether you are seeking obedience training, or behaviour modification, I feel it is important to approach each dog individually, and use creative problem solving to best address training and behavior issues.
K9 Education Group Classes
We have a variety of classes available to challenge both you and your dog. You will need lots of treats for rewarding good behaviours. 

Dog Trainer
Please do not bring your dog to class in a Shock, Pinch or Choke collar. A normal flat collar/harness are the only tools I will allow in my classes. 

Behaviour Issues
Behavioural problems can get out of control and you can soon feel as though the battle will never end. I promise you, there is a solution. 
Dog Training
Here at K9 Education we will work through practical training skills, environmental management, counter conditioning, habituation and desensitisation to resolve issues such as:-

Pulling on the lead - Jumping up - Noisy dogs - Recall
Over excitement around other dogs
Mouthing - Inappropriate toiletting

One to One Training
Here at K9 Education Dog Training we know some dogs don't benefit from group or class training as it can be overwhelming. It maybe that your dog may have issues with other dogs or people, this is where One to One training comes in very useful.

Dog Training
One 2 One training takes place in your own home and lasts for one hour. This allows us to work with all members of the family that are involved in your dog’s life.  If you have multiple dogs we can work with all the dogs in one session, but it’s best to start one on one, to give each dog their own time.

Livestock Runners
So, you are out for a sunny countryside walk with the dog. It's been so pleasant until out of the blue, the dog bolts!


Sound familiar?

Dogs chasing and in some instances attacking livestock is not only dangerous, it is completely avoidable!

Dog in need of training

Puppy or New Dog Preparedness
Do you get as giddy as I do when the decision to get a new housemate is made?

Do you need help picking out a dog? Unsure if breed or shelter is best?
Dog in need of training
Bringing a new puppy or dog into the home can be a daunting prospect. So let K9 Education Dog Training come along and put your mind at rest. I will cover :-

Breed characteristics - Puppy proofing your home ready for arrival day
The journey home - What supplies will be needed
Socialisation protocols - House rules and routines

K9 Education Dog Training

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“Well, what can we say. Shane is amazing! We desperately needed some help with our crazy cockapoo and several people in our village had recommended K9 Education. We booked three 1:1 sessions in our home and we were not disappointed. In fact, I looked forward to our sessions as the information and knowledge Shane holds about dogs and how their brains work is so interesting. Our dog loves him and we will certainly be booking some more sessions and joining classes in the future. Thank you SO much, Shane!”

- Molly

“Shane is a fantastic dog trainer! Very knowledgable about what triggers behaviour in the dog. Sound, sensible advice, and clear UTube videos which are really helpful. He is very organised, listens to our concerns and addresses any issues causing problems. We block booked 3 one -to-one sessions and we’re under no pressure to take them, apart from expiry! Our little Ruby responded to Shane brilliantly. Highly recommended trainer ”

- Hazel Richardson

“Fantastic beginners course. My Tara dog found classes stimulating and loved to join in. Straight forward instruction, lovely atmosphere and Shane clearly loves dogs.”

- Jo Hepworth

“Shane (k9 education) has been working with me and my lovely, lively lab. Shane is knowledgeable and patient and the positive methods used are working to improve my dogs recall and general on leash behaviour. Thanks Shane”

- Sara

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