Cleethorpes Beach - Dog Friendly Beach in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Cleethorpes Beach

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  • Dog friendly blue flag beach
  • 2 dog friendly restaurants on the prom
  • Bird watchers paradise
  • Award winning flower filled promenades
  • Dog friendly holiday cottages close by

Dog Friendly Beach in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire - Cleethorpes Beach

The soft golden sands of Cleethorpes Beach go on for miles and miles. During October to Easter the whole of the beach is dog friendly. Easter to October the beach from the right of the Cleethorpes Leisure Centre is dog friendly. This enables families visiting the coast to have an area of sand which is a dog free zone.

The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for its high standards of cleanliness.

Along side the beach is the most beautiful flower filled promenade gardens which stretch the whole length of the resort. These displays and the resort have received awards from Flowers In Bloom a national competition which is entered by resorts, towns and cities across the county. Cleethorpes has won the GOLD award year after year.

Also along the promenade you will find 2 dog friendly restaurants (Kingsway Kiosks across the road from the Cleethorpes Leisure Centre) (Browns Cafe across the road from The Cleethorpes Pier).

So before you start your dog walk along the beach - pop in for a scrumptous hot chocolate topped with a swirl of fresh cream. Then on the way back call in for a delicious bowl of home made soup and a warm crusty roll!

And of course dont forget to enjoy some Fresh Grimsby Fish and Chips from one of the fish and chip shops which can be found along the street parallel with the promenade.

Cleethorpes can also boast a Country Park which has a lake with a specially designed gated swimming area for dogs. 

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“This dog friendly beach is not can't friendly! It's more of a grassy/ sandy scrubland. No nearby amenities other than the leisure centre and no sea wall to lessen the buffeting winds. If you want to walk along the beach with your dog. Dont come here.”

- rebecca sykes

“I took my pooch to cleethorpes yesterday and ALL the beach was open to my dog. (Just the summer months which have restrictions) i spoke to a beach patrol guy and asked about the ban, he said its to do with the blue flag award and a dog ban was part of the criteria to obtain this award. I walked the full length all the way to the yacht club. no mud no mess apart from a wet sandy dog. The areas that contain the mud and salt marsh are easily avoidable with plenty of wading birds to watch as you walk by. i loved it my dog loved it so all very happy and looking forward to a retun visit. ”

- daniel

“When considering taking a dog to Cleethorpes, you have to take into account that without a car, there can be a lot of walking involved. The main beach area is off limit to dogs at most times when the sun is likely to be shining & warrant a beach trip. There are some beautiful areas, but for day trippers, it means a long walk in order to get to the beach unless you are nimble enough to jump over streams or risk slipping on steep paths which are not safe for anyone with any mobility issues. There are no toilets or facilities to get fresh water - great for dogs, they can pee anywhere, not so good for the human owners. If you can get over these obstacles, and are fit, there are public buses back to the train station. We had a lovely sat, some areas are stunning, but lack of investment shows. ”

- Stephanie James

“Thank you, Nick Wilkinson for your review. I took my black Labrador to the area you recommended near the Haven Campsite yesterday. Brilliant morning! We will be visiting again soon =) ”

- Tiffany Smith

“the main beaches at the pier are off limits to dogs, but the Humberston beaches are fantastic. my two dogs love it - miles and miles of sand to run and play on. Free car parking. yes there is a little tricky bit to navigate at the start which is the end of the salt marsh but thats ok considering how much beach you have to roam. ”

- Bill Anderson

“We take our dog to the dog friendly beach near thorpe park (humberston) and she loves it, and makes friends with other dogs it's brilliant and afterwards we go to the Trawlerman pub for carvery, we just eat outside and it's great. ”

- cath evans

“The beach does not allow dogs on between good friday and sept 30th. There are areas designated for dogs but these are not ideal if you plan to spend any time at all on the beach. To the left of the main beach a mile or so down is a 3m wide stretch of sand, which is more shells and rocks then sand, don't bother trying to reach the water as beyond this is a muddy bog, surrounded by warning signs. To the right past the leisure centre is a sandy patch around the size of a back garden, with a boggy grassy area in front stretching out towards the sea. I've never seen anything like it. Was really looking forward to taking the dog out but was very disappointed. You could aways go on main beach - and risk a £1000 fine. Not happy.”

- Melissa

“I can't believe how many people are saying that the area is not dog friendly. We went for the first time this week (June 2015) and instead of heading for the main prom drove about a mile further on to Humberstone where the beach is excellent (and car parking free) and is open to dogs all year. Not only did our two whippets have fun on the beach, we were also able to walk the foot/cycle path to the leisure centre as well as having a ride on the little steam train (dogs welcome!). All in all we had a great day and will definitely head back in the near future. I believe there is also a Country Park but we didn't have time to explore that. Would highly recommend for dogs and their owners. ”

- Gillian Law

“The tourist area of the beach (between the Leisure Centre and the Pier) is off limits to dogs between Easter and end of September, but there's loads of other bits of beach we take our lurcher too that's safe. There's room for everyone, and it's great to be in a quieter area with our dog, rather than having to weave around the tourists. We go most weekends and it's lovely!”

- Emma

“Was in Cleethorpes today, and I can state categorically that the beaches north of the pier are NOT available to dogs. There are prohibition signs at all entrances to those particular stretches of beach. As it was cold, wet, and devoid of holidaymakers, we used it anyway, as did numeous others! Oh, and, of course, we CLEANED UP after our dog!!”

- Jeff Vernon

“Went to Cleethorpes beach today, we realised that the main section was off limits but did not realise that the walk through the mud flats would be so far to the beach part, my dogs ran off into the mud and came back coated in black stuff which looked suspiciously like oil! Would not recommend! ”

- Sarah

“Unfortunately almost all beach is now not dog friendly in season. If you go right up to north end (near market) past the mini roundabout you can take your dog on the beach there. Go when tide's out otherwise steps are covered in slippery seaweed. Also there was a bit of glass about so be careful. ”

- Sue

“Just back from Cleethorpes, had a brilliant day with our dog. We parked near the leisure centre near to the dog beach. Yes there are mud flats but if you continue to walk to the end of the mud flats you can go around them and reach the beautiful beach on the other side. We spent a good 3 hours on this part of the beach and we had one happy dog. ”

- Dawn

“we live around 30 mins from Cleethorpes and visited it many times to many to mention over a lot of yrs but was very sad to find when we visited this week that our dogs couldn't go on the beach while I agree that the main part of the beach should be dog free for children and family's but the part of the beach near the indoor market where most people don't go on could be a area for dog lovers,we spoke with many other's one who had travelled from hull and said they also would not return again to Cleethorpes as the area for dogs was very muddy and not suitable who wants dogs caked in mud getting bk into your car ,I am also am disabled and love to watch from the pier in my wheelchair my hubby with the dogs playing and having fun something now I cant do,we also often visit mablethorpe and although they cant go on the main part of the beach but bth ends the dogs can go on lovely golden sands and I can watch so im afraid it will be mablethorpe for us from now on ,I wonder how many more people will give cleethorpes a miss now cause of this, 5 people told us they wouldn't come again cause of this its a SHAME!!! for Cleethorpes x ”

- lorraine richardson

“We took our two Great Danes there last year and loved it. So much so we are taking them again very soon.”

- Gail

“I live in cleethorpes. the beach north of the pier allows dogs at all times of year. it has long golden sand and no mud here. the beach south of the swimming pool also allows dogs but is small and has some mud. The beach next to the haven camp at thorpe park is dog friendly all year round. it also has large expanses of sand and a free carpark. therefore, unlike what the above comment says, overall cleethorpes beach is 50/50 dog friendly which should be acceptable for everyone”

- nick wilkinson

“If you have a dog, don't bother with Cleethorpes. ALL of the main beach is off limits to dogs in the summer. By the time you reach the dog friendly areas of sea front. you are in fact on the mud flats, which you are even warned is a danger area, because of deep mud. We agree that dogs shouldn't be allowed on the beach area where kids play, but Cleethorpes should just state that they don't want dog owners there. That message is very clear when you get there. ”

- Carl Fowkes

“We went to cleethorpes on Sunday 19th august, it was a lovely day and even though we didn't go on the beach it was nice to see so many people enjoying a family day out. On the beach. The beach looked great beautiful golden sand that looked very inviting. Cleethorpes is a very under rated seaside town it has a lot to offer especially families with the beach being a big part of a great British holiday. ”

- janice

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