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Chelsea Canines

Chelsea Canines - Dog Training Chelsea, London

Dr Nicky has trained hundreds of dogs and puppies over the years and helped many clients' dogs with a wide range of behavioural problems including:
Resource guarding towards owners and other people
Aggressive behaviour (wide ranging) towards other dogs or people
Excessive barking - House soiling - Handling issues
Destructive behaviours in the home
Crate training issues/ barrier frustration/ lack of independence/ inability to settle
Barking and lunging towards dogs/other stimuli such as bikes, scooters, traffic while on lead
Pica - Coprophagia - Excessive scavenging
Counter surfing, chewing, hyperactivity and general poor obedience inside and outside of the home

Chelsea CaninesChelsea CaninesChelsea Canines

A behaviour consultation consists of an initial meeting at your home, usually lasting around two hours

This gives everyone the opportunity to ask and answer many questions about your dog’s behaviour, and to demonstrate practical strategies to get you started straight away

The consultation is followed up with a written report; a diagnosis and detailed treatment program, and a copy will be sent to your vet (with your consent) if you have been referred.

Sometimes one or two follow-up sessions are required.


Puppy School
Held in the heart of SW1, these popular classes run for five consecutive weeks, and enable you and your puppy to meet other puppies and people, and learn to be reliable in basic obedience skills, including:

Sit, lie down, walk on a loose lead, stay, leave it, target touch, go to bed, and come when called.

Chelsea CaninesChelsea CaninesChelsea CaninesChelsea Canines

Your puppy will learn among distractions and respond to both visual and verbal cues.

We are really keen on socialisation too. There is always time for some play and many of our pups and parents have made great and long lasting friendships outside of school. In addition, you will receive expert behaviour advice. Classes are run by Dr Nicky Shaw, who has a PhD in dog behaviour and welfare, so you are in good hands.

Nicky takes your group or 1:1 questions and always with good humour, provides a wealth of advice about raising your London puppy. Topics covered typically include:

Understanding & interacting with your puppy, motivation and learning, toilet training, crate training, mouthing & biting, diet & health, exercise & enrichment and preventing behaviour problems from developing. Everyone is encouraged to share their experiences and tips, providing a sense of support & community.


Dog Training

Private Puppy Training at your home
For puppies ages 8-24 weeks

Basic obedience - Crate/ pen training - Independence/ settle training
Mouthing/ biting issues - Toilet Training

Nicky’s private puppy training packages are as popular as ever. They are a great alternative to puppy school for those requiring more flexibility, a condensed and focused learning course, or to address specific behaviours at home.

Chelsea CaninesChelsea CaninesChelsea CaninesChelsea Canines

In addition to obedience training, private packages for example can provide help for those struggling with crate/ pen training, independence/ settling/ frustration or separation issues, mouthing, biting and toilet training.

Nicky will visit your home and over four weekly sessions take you through the same learning curriculum as taught at puppy school, to include: recall, sit, lie down, walk on a loose lead, stay, leave it, touch, and go to bed.

The initial session is up to 1.5 hours, followed by three further hour-long sessions. Many clients opt for the private package and also then join puppy school for the socialisation aspect if they are able.

Chelsea Canines

About Dr NIcky
Nicky graduated in July 2018 with a First Class honours degree in Applied Animal Behaviour from the University of Portsmouth; she is a fully qualified canine behaviour consultant, trainer and proud member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC).

Chelsea CaninesChelsea Canines

An active and published researcher of canine cognitive enrichment and welfare, Nicky was awarded her PhD at the University of Winchester in December 2022. As the inventor of artificial agent-dog interaction technology over ten years ago, Nicky’s PhD work was commended for its innovative and visionary nature. Nicky has worked with world leading, progressive researchers in animal welfare, and most recently her work was cited by Professor Ádám Miklósi. She is now a visiting lecturer at the University’s Centre for Animal Welfare.

In practice, Nicky has a passion for animal wellbeing, and more specifically the opportunity to work with dogs, puppies and owners, promoting communication, cooperation, and pleasurable partnerships. Nicky has been running puppy schools and seeing private clients in the Chelsea/Kensington area and surrounds since 2016.

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