R+ Dog Training - Dog Trainer in Chiswick, London

R+ Dog Training

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  • Fear and Force Free Training
  • Qualified professional trainer
  • Training for dogs and cats
  • Karen Pryor Academy CTP
  • ABTC listed trainer
  • Qualified behaviourist for dogs and cats

R+ Dog Training

R+ Dog Training - Dog Trainer in Chiswick, London

Welcome to R+ Dog and Cat Training. I am a qualified, professional trainer and behaviourist providing positive, reinforcement-based, force-free training that enables people and animals to succeed and learn in a supportive, safe environment.

Even a small amount of time spent teaching your dog something new has been proven to improve dogs’ quality of life, help them to settle when you are busy and even help maintain good mental health into old age.

You will be amazed at how quickly your dog can learn and, of course, you can always choose more.

R+ Dog Training

Is your dream of having a dog not always matched by the reality?
Are you working to settle a rescue dog or introducing good manners to an excitable puppy?
Does your adolescent dog leave you wondering where your sweet puppy went?
Do you want to help your older dog lead a good quality life?
Do you want to meet other dog owners in a relaxed, supportive setting?
Are you trying to introduce your cat to a cat flap or litter box?
Do you struggle with vet and grooming visits?
Do you want to train for an activity?

R+ Dog TrainingR+ Dog TrainingR+ Dog Training

R+ Dog Training can help you with flexible sessions in Chiswick, West London; you can book sessions at a convenient time in your home and local green spaces for that all-important learning in a real-world environment. Whether you have a puppyadolescent or senior dog; if you want to start an activity or improve your performance, if you want a well-behaved dog that you can take anywhere (including the groomer and the vet), or you are trying to settle a rescue dog: R+ Dog Training can help. You can also join a Social Dog Walk to meet other owners and ask not one, but two qualified professional trainers for advice.

Train your cat to cope with litter training, learning to use a cat flap, getting used to travelling and being relaxed at grooming and vet visits.

R+ Dog TrainingR+ Dog TrainingR+ Dog Training

Worried about the cost of a full course or just short of time?
R+ Dog Training is here to help you.

Busy life? Don't worry: we can walk and train your dog while you get on with your life.

From time to time, R+ Dog Training  provides special offers to help you and your dog. We can make training more affordable and help with fun sessions that don’t require a big commitment in time and effort.

Don’t see anything that you fancy? You can book a customised session for help with recall, basic manners or anything else that you need to make your life easier.

Contact R+ Dog Training now: Your training problem is our solution.

R+ Dog TrainingR+ Dog TrainingR+ Dog TrainingR+ Dog Training

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