Happy Tails Dog Training - Dog Trainer in East Sheen, London

Happy Tails Dog Training

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  • Help with puppy & dog training
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Happy Tails Dog Training - Dog Trainer in East Sheen, London

I'm proud to be an assessed and qualified IMDTB Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, having passed the IMDTB Level 5 course in canine behaviour. I hold the Dog Training Instructor’s Course Foundation and Advanced Certificates from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Think Dog Certificate.

Happy Tails Dog Training

I only use kind, modern, science-based methods and firmly believe that training should be fun and enjoyable for dogs and humans: I train through the use of rewards and games.

If you’re looking for help and support with behaviour struggles or training goals for your puppy or dog, you’re in the right place.

Puppy Training
Puppies need kind guidance to help them to learn to feel secure in their new home and to learn how to behave appropriately with their new human family.

They need support to help them grow in confidence and optimism when encountering new sights and sounds in the wider environment and when meeting other people and animals.

Puppies are most receptive to social learning during their first three months or so of life, equally they can be easily frightened and overwhelmed during this time, needing help to bounce back and develop resilience.

Raising a puppy requires thoughtful effort, patience and time.  A considered, educated and evidence-based approach is required.

Happy Tails Dog TrainingHappy Tails Dog TrainingHappy Tails Dog Training

Reliable Recall Training
If your dog doesn’t come back to you when you call, or even runs off, you may be finding your dog walks stressful and frustrating and not at all how you’d imagined them.

Would you like to build a reliable recall so that you can relax, enjoy your walks together and be confident that your dog will come when you call? If so, you are in the right place.

Lead Walking Training
Perhaps you’re worried you might even be pulled over or you’re simply not enjoying being pulled around on dog walks. Do you dream of being able to enjoy walking together in harmony with your dog?  If so, you’re in the right place.

Dog Behaviour Support
If you've reached the point of seeking help regarding your dog's behaviour, you may be finding life with your dog quite stressful and be feeling worried, frustrated and even upset. It's possible your relationship with your dog isn't as strong as it was or as strong as you had hoped it would become.

Perhaps you've been trying to find a solution, but the range of conflicting advice leaves you at a loss.  Don’t worry - I can help and support you.

Happy Tails Dog TrainingHappy Tails Dog TrainingHappy Tails Dog Training

Adolescent Dog Training
Has your young dog suddenly stopped responding to you when you call him?

Does he seem to have forgotten everything he knew?

Perhaps he’s determined to climb on the furniture and jump all over people?
Your dog may now be going through adolescence. For some, this stage can be even more difficult to navigate than early puppyhood.

Rescue Dog Training
It’s hugely rewarding. Of course, it can also be enormously challenging and sometimes owners and dogs need support and a helping hand along the way.

I have experience of working with rescue dogs from various countries and backgrounds. The dogs in our family are all rescues with very different characters and struggles. I’m immensely grateful to them for all they’ve taught me.

I can support and guide you on your rescue journey, whether you are about to take the very first step or feel as though you are stuck in the foothills of a mountain which seems impossible to climb.

If it’s important to you to use only kind, modern techniques and to have a strong focus on the emotional state of your canine friend, then we may be a good match to work together.

Happy Tails Dog Training

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