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20210913-092227-0813.png THE CONSULTATION

It all starts with a consultation! This important meeting cannot be skipped, because it is not only important for the trainer to meet the dog, but more importantly organized to know the owners and design a training plan that works for them. This is because there are several components that determine the current or the future behaviour of every dog.

In many cases the consultation and the material provided after meeting, can be enough to fix all issues with your dog, but if you require more assistance, we are always happy to assist as long as it is needed.

20210913-092227-0813.png PUPPY TRAINING

Besides giving all the essential instructions to quickly toilet train your puppy, we normally organise the first session of the puppy with the owners. This is to give the dog owners the right imprinting about what to do with their puppy, with confidence.

In this important first session, we will teach the recall game to create for your dog, a natural and effective recall. Also we will show you how to walk your dog off the lead from day one, and how to develop the pack mentality to your puppy, to always stick to the family, rather than running off and exploring the environment without caring about the family, perceived as it's pack.

20210913-092227-0813.png RESCUED OR SENSITIVE DOGS

Re-homing a dog is surely one of the most noble things a human can do. We have plenty of respect and admiration to the amazing people who decide to rescue a dog in need rather than getting a new puppy. Unfortunately many rescued dogs carry a background of fear and their past traumatic experiences make it difficult to win their trust, in order to provide the training they need.

Puppies also who are not raised properly, might display several social and behavioural issues, such as anxiety, excessive barking, excessive protective and territorial instinct. Most of the time these problems are unconsciously created by the owner, because of an excess of care and attention, prevents the dog to be properly socialized with other dogs, humans as well as the outdoor environment.

For dogs with anxiety and problematic behaviours, we might ask the owner to join the sessions until the dog becomes comfortable with the trainer. In all other cases the presence of the owner can confuse the dog.

20210913-092227-0813.png ALL OTHER DOGS

For a dog which needs to improve or modify certain behaviour, having a dedicated trainer will ensure this achievement. If you want proper results in a reasonable time, the most effective training would be ONE-TO-ONE. Dogs must be understood and naturally that will lead to correction one at a time. We recommend you leave your dog with the trainer and show up when the desired behaviour(s) are consolidated, to ensure you can then comfortably take over from the trainer. Every dog is an individual, for this reason it is not possible to estimate the amount of sessions needed in order to correct any specific behaviour. Dogs learn better when they are happy and relaxed, and we can't allow them to become bored for too long with a single exercise. You will see improvements after each session, and doing your "owner's homework" will make sure the training provided will be a great success.

20210913-092227-0813.png PERSONAL TRAINER FOR YOUR DOG

We have found a lot of our clients (when the dog is fully trained), ask for our trainers to continue with sessions to fully exercise their dog, with physical and mental exercise. A service we are more than happy to offer.



At “Training Dog” we aim to start creating a strong bond with your dog, to work on leadership, respect, fun, self-confidence and impulse control. We make your dog happy to learn through different values of rewards, social interaction, development of the skills, including physical and mental exercise. We always get very attached to every dog we work with, treating them with the same love and passion we treat our own dogs.

Your dog is a member of your family. If you have children, you'd surely make an effort to provide them with the best possible education. So why would you not provide the same for your dog? Since your dog lives with you in your house, he/she is as a respectable member of the family and he/she should know how to behave in such a complicated environment. Dogs naturally grow up with their own survival instinct that totally differs from the kind of life we offer them, especially in a big city. It is extremely important to understand the importance of giving your dog a basic education in order to learn how to behave in our society.

Too many dogs across parks, jump up to people making their clothes dirty, often knocking children over, ignoring the recall, stealing toys from other dogs or even food from people. Those dogs aren't naughty, they just don't speak our language and they have no idea about our civil codes. If you want your dog to do what you want, then you need to create an easy but effective communication protocol. An educated dog is able to understand you, conscious about the boundaries and the behaviours you expect from him/her, and is a happy and relaxed dog that you can be proud of.

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