DOG LICENCE - in Kensington, London


  • Raise your dog the correct way
  • Address major behavioural issues
  • Learn to communicate with your dog
  • Teach your dog your rules
  • Protect your dog from danger
  • Become a responsible dog owner

DOG LICENCE is not another dog training course!
It is the instruction manual your dog came without.

DOG LICENCE is the video learning programme to ultimately teach you how to communicate with your dog, teach them your rules, fix behavioural issues, get full control and show you how to become a responsible dog owner.

DOG LICENCE was created by Lorenzo Barichella, founder of Training Dog, a successful and fast-growing dog training network based in central and west London.

Due to a large number of dog owners asking for assistance, we’ve been experiencing an increasing amount of enquiries that our trainers can’t take in just because of no slots available or because of the distance.

For this reason, Lorenzo decided to create a video course that replicates everything he would say, do and show in a live consultation or in a practical session, including how to address existing behavioural issues.

He named this video course DOG LICENCE because it provides all the knowledge you need to create a balanced relationship with your dog and make you a proud and responsible dog owner. DOG LICENCE is basically the instruction manual for your dog.

"It took years of experience and 9 months of hard work to put together all the information, the footage and the resources to create DOG LICENCE, and besides the knowledge it provides, you’ll also find in there all my passion and love for dogs".
Lorenzo Barichella



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