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Groom Dog City

9 Ravens Lowercroft Street
Central London
E2 7SH
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“I have been using Groom Dog City for my Bischon Peter for 4 years, they treat him so gently I wouldn't think of taking him elsewhere, he actually seems to like it there. The salon is as clean as it could possibly be and staff are lovely. I have recommended the salon to a lot of friends and they have all been happy with the service.”

- Teresa

“Without doubt the best groomers I have experienced. My dog Dougal who is a Miniature Schnauzer has been going there for quite some time now and it has always the best cut and groom he has ever received. We have tried other salons across London and this is where we have found him to be at home. A big thanks to Stuart and his staff who are quite simply BRILLIANT!! Thanks guys as ever and a big sloppy kiss from Dougal too!! Cheers Peter”

- Peter Kent

“I am reading the comment from 9/10/2012.....I am not sure how she has come to the conclusion about GDC it is a dog groomers and not an operating theatre!!!!!!!!! it is an open plan salon so you can see your dog groomed any changes you need to make you have a tounge in your head to speak at any time during your dog's grooming process.Stuart ,Kerry and the crew are very proffessional and always ask what you want for your dog BEFORE the grooming starts. I could not fault what they do there and if you are not happy it seems a bit unfair to use this kind of site and for a moan like that unless it is not true and are jealous of how GDC are so popular,I have been to many dog groomers over the years with Merlin and GDC are by far the best. I am wondering if somone walks round thier house with dusters on thier feet and have absolutley no idea of how a really busy dog groomers operates,all I can say is shame on you for not speaking up but I do not believe this comment is in any way true and I am offended by this comment I know what is best for my dog and would never have my dog groomed any where else. ”

- Paul Smith

“I have been taking my Standard Schnauzer Duke to GDC since he was a puppy; he is now 2 and a half years old and he comes out looking and smelling beautiful; he always appears to be extremely pleased with himself because he knows that he looks so good. I have also had some extremely pleasant visits; yes it's not Champneys but then it is a Dog Groomers not a human beauty parlour!!! I have engaged very happily throughout the grooming process with Stuart and Kerry (now gone off to have her baby; very best of luck to her) and expected that the fur that has been removed would fly when the high speed hairdryers have been switched on. I love that the Dogs are groomed where you can see them; this proves to me that they have nothing to hide and are not ill treating the Dogs; other Groomers take the Dogs out back and you cannot see what is happening to them - this sends shivers up my spine!!! My Duke loves GDC and Stuart that means that I love GDC and Stuart; I would and have recommended the salon to a number of people for a full groom or just a haircut. Stuart Dukes loves you and so do I!!! ”

- Janet Zamornii

“Hands down the best dog groomers I've ever seen/been to, and I've lived in a few countries! The open plan layout is such a great concept - there's an area to hang out and watch your dog get groomed and the whole vibe is really friendly and welcoming. They groomed my dog exactly how I wanted, even going into as much detail as to ask me how I want his eyebrows done - when he acted up they spoke to him firmly and he listened to them, most other groomers would just muzzle him instead to get the job done quickly - clearly the staff are well trained and great at handling dogs. The place wasn't at all dirty, it was actually pretty clean for somewhere that has such a high level of paw-traffic! All in all, I really appreciated the open-ness of the salon - I hate handing my dog over to be taken into a tiny room filled with lots of cages and barking dogs, so this was really a breath of fresh air. I will definitely be returning for my dog's next groom...if they put a little cafe in next to their big comfy sofa, I'd bring him by every week!”

- Alina

“I felt I had to comment on the review left by Anna - I am shocked to say the least. I have used Groom Dog City for almost 4 years every 8-10 weeks for my 2 Bichon crosses and I have had nothing but incredible service and cuts by Stuart and his team - I make it clear every visit what I want as I often change styles and that's what I get. To comment about the hygiene in such a way is totally untrue - yes there is hair on the floor but its a grooming salon what else do you expect. The open plan design is a great idea for owners to see exactly what the salon is about I suggest this customer chooses a salon that hides its business away from her so she hasn't got a clue where her beloved dog is being groomed and sit in a nice reception area non the wiser - bottom line - take no notice of Anna's review its totally misguided and totally inaccurate - I wouldn't go anywhere else and my recommendations about GDC to friends has helped them too find a groomer to trust. ”

- Sandra Brown

“In response to the last post. I am so sorry that you feel like you had a bad experience at Groom Dog City. I operate an open planned salon and so yes unfortunately the salon can get messy on busy days. We offer customers the option to stay and watch the grooming process as a courtesy but would point out that it is dirty work and we can\'t guarantee that the salon will be a show store at all time. Like you said, it is dogs we are dealing with and they do like a muddy puddle. As far as the groomer not doing what you wanted, I can only apologise for this, it is our policy to do exactly what is requested by the owner as it is their choice and their dog. I will be underlying this point again today so that this never happens again. We take hygiene very seriously in the salon, all of our bades and scissors are cleaned regularly and all of our equipment maintained to the highest standard. The staff at Groom Dog City have been carefully selected for their customer service ability and we pride ourselves on our friendliness. So, bottom line, I can on.y apologise for your bad experience and I would be happy to offer you a free groom as a gesture of goodwill which I would be happy to do myself. It would be very much appreciated if you could possibly make a complaint to me in person so that I have the opportunity to put it right from the offset. Once again, many apologies and I hope that you can overlook your bad experience this time and give us another try. Stuart - Groom Dog City”

- Stuart Simons

“I took my puppy there for the first and only time. Never again. The salon is absolutely filthy. Really dirty. I understand it\'s a dog groomer and not a spa, but still, hygiene should be considered even for dogs. There is inches of dust everywhere, the machines are dirty, the floor is utterly disgusting. I wanted to wait while my dog was groomed, since it was her first time, but I really just wanted to get out and get some air. Also, the cut my dog got was not quite what I had asked for. The girl so cut my dog did not ask me how I wanted it done, but just did her own thing. Again, if I go to the hairdresser, I don\'t want them to just do what they \'usually do\'. I want my hair in a certain way and same applies to my dog. So, bottom line, I went once, regretted it hugely and would not recommend this pace to my worst enemy. I\'m shocked it\'s even bei listed in the timeout! ”

- Anna

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