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Tails Held High

Tails Held High - Online Pet Accessories and Products

What We Believe:
Like you, we love dogs. And what we want most, is to see a world that is full of happy dogs - dogs who walk with their tails held high! We believe that a well-trained dog is a truly happy one and we want to help you make your dog the happiest it can be.

What We Do:
We offer a helping hand when it comes to training your dog. We sell training products and provide advice and stories that will help you to teach your dog the behaviours and manners to live by so that they can walk through life with their tail held high!

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Anti Bark Training Collar:
Sometimes we all need a helping hand with training our dogs! Our Anti-Bark Training Collar speeds up the learning process of teaching your dog not to bark using sound and vibration only. Teach your dog to control their barking to create a more peaceful world for both you and them.

Safe and Humane: The Anti-Bark Training Collar is a safe and humane collar that uses sound and vibration only. We believe spray and shock collars are cruel and should not be used on your dog. This is a kind training device that speeds up the learning process for your dog.

Sound and Vibration Only: Using the microprocessor, this collar detects your dog’s bark and automatically responds by emitting a high-frequency sound and a gentle vibration which increase over 7 training levels as barking is repeated. This conditions your dog not to bark.

7 Adjustable Sensitivity Levels: Sensitivity levels can be adjusted to suit your dog. The higher the sensitivity, the more readily the sound and vibration correction levels will be triggered. The lower the sensitivity, the stronger the bark will need to be to trigger the correction levels.

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Suits Small to Large Dogs: This collar is best suited for dogs weighing between 5 and 50kgs. It has a strap that can be adjusted between 15 and 55cm. Its great for puppies, and small, medium and large dogs of all breeds.

Reflective Strap: This collar has a reflective nylon strap keeping your dog safe in the dark. Whether they are out in the garden or on a walk, the strap's reflective properties will help your dog be seen in the dark. Please note, a separate collar must be used with a lead.

A Calmer World: Excessive barking is stressful for you, your neighbours, and of course, your dog. Once your dog learns they do not have to respond by barking, they will be more relaxed in many situations. Both your world, and theirs, will be quieter and calmer.

We want to help your dog walk with their tail held high, so feel free to get in touch!

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Tails Held High


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