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  • Pet with Human composite portraits
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  • Passion for dogs & Fashion art
  • 20 years in the Fashion Art profession
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Custom Portraits for the savvy-chic Dog-Moms

Tofu-DogArt - Pet Portrait Artist Worldwide

Hi I am Priscilla Tang, nicknamed Yoko ‘OHO’ (in honor of Oho’liab, historic designer-artist-architect of the famous Temple of God, commissioned by King Solomon more than 4,000 years ago)

I am also the humble owner and founder of which exists for the creation of unique and wholesome portraits of dogs with their owners.

I am dedicated to refreshing the personas of my dog-moms in my portraits of them. I do this also as an attempt on my part to ease the pain points inevitably incurred through long-termed and devoted caring of their goof-balls. Also to dedicate these portraits as Tributes to these amazing women.


My methods:
Skillfully creating delightful depictions of both human and dog subjects in my portraits by making their personas alluring and appealing to both the owner and viewers of those portraits. Call it ‘sentimental anchoring’!

To be specific, I get to upgrade these personas by custom-designing spiffy outfits for my subjects to unapologetically garner compliments

I also give personal treatment to their hairstyles (first step to completely change their personas), then accessorizing, accentuating, thence actualizing my subjects to look their best……..


This portrait art is what I am good at, thankful for my 20 years in the Fashion Art business, and through my work, we get to celebrate joyously the lives of my dog-moms with their pets, the tributes they inspire and incredible lasting bonds. My work that has been very well received had resulted in astonished double takes, occasional teariness, new admiration, and delight from the owners and those who behold these portraits.



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