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Piddle Patch

  • A Soil-free, real grass dog toilet
  • An intuitive house-training solution
  • Absorbs urine & odours into the grass
  • No harmful chemicals or pesticides
  • The grass easily biodegrades after use
  • FREE UK mainland shipping

Piddle Patch

Piddle Patch - Soil-Free, Real Grass Toilet Your Dog Will Love!

Our soil-free, real grass is grown with care, harvested and prepared especially for your order, and delivered direct to your door.

Piddle PatchPiddle PatchPiddle Patch

The grass is grown in a liquid retentive mat, instead of soil, which extends the lifespan of the grass and ensures a mess-free experience. The mat also helps to absorb urine and odours into the grass, leaving only the solid waste to be cleared from the patch.

By purchasing a Piddle Patch, you can rest assured that our grass contains:
No harmful chemicals or pesticides;
No wildflowers or shamrocks which can be toxic if consumed.

Piddle PatchPiddle Patch

Natural & Intuitive
Piddle Patch is an innovative and intuitive solution which helps dogs learn to only pee on the grass, and not on training pads or textiles. This helps to reduce accidents in the home, and speed up the house-training process.

Unlike puppy training pads and artificial turf, which are made from chemicals and take up to 500 years to degrade in landfill, Piddle Patch is a natural solution. The grass easily biodegrades after use, and the packaging is recyclable.

Piddle Patch

Convenient & Hassle-Free
Piddle Patch is delivered direct to your door, and available as a single purchase or through subscription with deliveries every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks. Take a task off your to-do list and relax in the knowledge that a new Piddle Patch will arrive on your doorstep when you need one.

Piddle PatchPiddle PatchPiddle Patch

Piddle Patch is the ideal solution if:
you are house-training your dog and want to teach them to relieve themselves on grass only;
you live in an apartment building and do not have easy access to a grassy area;
your dog refuses to go pee when there is rain, snow, ice or frost outside;
your dog has a small bladder and urinates frequently throughout the day;
your dog is recovering from surgery, an infection or illness.

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