The Cavendish Arms - Dog Friendly Establishment in Stockwell, London

The Cavendish Arms

128 Hartington Road
  • Dogs welcome at The Cavendish Arms
  • & welcome in the venue for comedy shows!
  • Delightful & intimate theatre room
  • Special Dogtails served in dogshead mugs
  • Grab a delicious home made pizza
  • Check out our doggy menus

The Cavendish Arms is a friendly, quirky, artistic independent pub and venue.

Set in the quiet back streets of Stockwell visitors will be surprised to discover a large pub garden with heated black marquees rammed with comy sofas, gold tables and glitter balls.

The Cavendish ArmsThe Cavendish ArmsThe Cavendish Arms

Inside the decor explodes with floor to ceiling roses, foliage, crushed velvet, fairy lights and dog statues all finished off with giant revolving gold shark hanging from the ceiling.  

In the back room there is a delightful and intimate theatre room with black and white chequered floor, gold flocked wallpaper and a beautiful red drapped stage.

The Cavendish ArmsThe Cavendish ArmsThe Cavendish ArmsThe Cavendish Arms

Serving an equally eclectic selection of draught ales, craft beers, wines, spirits, cocktails .... and even Dogtails such as the the Pugito and the Pina Colabrador in dogs head mugs!

Dogs are obviously very, very welcome in all parts of the establishment and are often to be found lounging in the bar on our bespoke dog bed or even watching the shows.

Grab a delilcious homemade pizza and you are all set to soak up the drinks, the atmosphere and the decor

The Cavendish ArmsThe Cavendish Arms

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