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pets with problems

Help is here for busy owners and their dogs and cats

Dog And Cat Behaviour Problems
I can bring you relief from any issue that you are facing with your cat or dog including aggression, toileting, separation anxiety, destruction and many more. Please go to my website for more information about how I can help -

Dog Training
We use kind and modern training techniques such as clicker training, food rewards and play training. For full list of our methods, visit our methods page. I am an experienced dog trainer and behaviourist who can help you resolve the problem of your dog pulling on the lead, jumping up, barking, not coming back when called and many more.

I am also a specialist in separation anxiety - a devastating disorder effecting our dogs and owners alike.  I am a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer and I can work with any owner anywhere in the country and help resolve this devastating issue - read more about separation anxiety and how I can help on my website

Behaviour consultations, dog training classes and advisory sessions are all tailor made to suit the individual dog and owner, because of this, fees will vary. I do home visits for behaviour and training at my premises.

Why use 'pets with problems'?
I am a full member of the Association of Pet Behavioural Counsellors (APBC) and am registered as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC). This may enable clients to claim on their insurance for behavioural help. For more information go to and

I have a first class Post Graduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behavioural Counselling from the University of Southampton - one of the most prestigious qualifications in this field in the UK. Over 2 ½ years I studied dog and cat behaviour, positive methods in dog training, learning theory, welfare and ethics, the law, neuroscience and human psychology – I even got to train a goat! all of which gave me the knowledge to qualify as a pet behaviour counsellor and dog trainer. I specialise in behaviour and training problems for dogs and cats.

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“My dog Harvey had resource guarding issues. It was worrying and made it difficult for me to bond with him as he kept snapping and growling at me. I became afraid of him, his development and our future together. The vet recommended Ingrid to me and we decided to work together. 6 months later, Harvey and I have developed a great relationship, my dog is no longer resource guarding, no more snapping or growling at me. I now have the tools to keep making progress and address any issues that may arise with him. Ingrid s program is tailor made, detailed and FUN! The training covered all aspects of Harvey s behaviour (much more than what I got in touch for). Ingrid is very understanding, honest and non judgmental which I found encouraging when I felt like giving up. I highly recommend Ingrid for your pet. People now tell me how well behaved is my dog! I understand him much better. THANKS INGRID!!!”

- Valerie

“Our household and especially our dog owe Ingrid a great debt of gratitude - her advice was spot on and Samson's behaviour has radically improved. She is thorough, conscientious and very good at reading not just the animal but also his wider context and the people around him! The fact that we know we can call on her for help in the future is also very important and appreciated!”

- Samson

“If you are thinking about approaching a behaviourist I can highly recommend Ingrid. Her expert knowledge and understanding of my dog's behaviour and my relationship with him was outstanding. I was amazed by the in depth and comprehensive report that followed our initial consultation. Ingrid's calm manner and direct approach was invaluable. Whatever Ingrid advises by way of toys, treats, training aids etc is thoroughly researched. Ingrid has given me confidence to go on to become a calm and happy owner of a happy and confident dog.”

- Anne

“I met Ingrid when our family were at a very low point. We were seriously considering having our lovely Staffie Fifi put to sleep. The vet felt that her behaviour was too difficult to change and that we should have her put to sleep. That was the most difficult decision to make especially when your dog is lovely with people and also your daughter's best friend. Ingrid came to see us and immediately saw potential in Fifi and felt that it was definitely worth trying to change her behaviour and working with her to make her less fearful. We had a comprehensive programme to follow. I could see an improvement in Fifi's behaviour with us in the home almost within a week. What Ingrid did for me was to give me the confidence to be able to walk Fifi again and to face my fears and hers and to deal with them. Knowing that Ingrid was at the end of the phone or prepared to come and visit us was very reassuring when we were not getting things right or we needed advice on new behaviours and responses. When I think back I might have made that decision to have Fifi put to sleep but now we have our lovely dog still with us and the hope that she is eventually going to be the dog that we want her to be. It takes time and hard work but we would not have started this or kept going without the support of Pets with Problems and Ingrid's positive approach and honesty. With Ingrid's support, knowledge and experience we were able to give our dog another chance and feel safe in making that decision. ”

- Sammy

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