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Paws & Restore Clinical Canine Massage

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  • Canine Massage Therapy
  • Non-invasive, holistic & result-driven
  • Natural form of pain relief
  • Member of the Canine Massage Guild
  • Benefits dogs of all ages and breeds
  • Results in just 1 to 3 sessions

Paws & Restore Clinical Canine Massage

Paws & Restore - Canine Massage Therapy In Twickenham, London

Dogs give so much to us. Because I knew humans respond well to massage, I wanted to extend my skills and give something back to dogs. I then found the Canine Massage Therapy Centre; the leading school of Canine Massage Therapy in the country.

Clinical Canine Massage is a non-invasive, holistic, result-driven treatment that benefits dogs of all ages and breeds, whether they are pets, show dogs or sporting dogs. It increases mobility, eases aches and pains, and reduces soreness and stiffness, giving your dog a better quality of life.

canine meassage therapy in LondonCanine massage in LondonCanine massage in Twickenham

Massage therapy is a natural form of pain relief that treats soft tissue and muscular conditions. It also supports orthopaedic conditions like arthritis, and other joint problems such as hip/elbow dysplasia, by relieving and managing pain.

In addition, Clinical Canine Massage can help resolve many day-to-day mobility issues, whether they have appeared suddenly or been affecting your dog for a while. Getting your dog therapeutically treated by a member of the Canine Massage Guild is a must for any owner concerned about their dog's mobility and health. It can help identify the exact nature of the problem affecting your dog and then, importantly, do something about it by means of an hour of hands-on therapy.

If you have seen your dog limping, observed any gait irregularity, or noticed that it is having difficulty with any number of ordinary daily activities such as going up or down the stairs, climbing onto chairs or the sofa, getting in and out of the car, or just more generally slowing down, then your dog will benefit from Clinical Canine Massage therapy. 

canine massage therapistcanine massagecanine massage therapy

I aim to give your dog tangible beneficial results in just 1 to 3 sessions.

Clinical Canine Massage involves the assessment, manipulation and movement of muscles and fascia to resolve or alleviate pain and dysfunction related to soft tissue injury, and to address the protective splinting of muscles that occurs with orthopaedic problems.

The focus of Clinical Canine Massage is to work with veterinary-diagnosed conditions to rehabilitate the muscular dysfunction that is causing pain, restricting range of motion, inhibiting movement and affecting posture.

I work with both vets and owners to assist in effective pain management and the rehabilitation of muscular dysfunction, clinical lameness and signs of subclinical pain.

Quite simply there is nothing else like it. I let my results speak for themselves.

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The first treatment session lasts 1.5 hours and typically includes:

Full consultation
Gait analysis
Static postural analysis
Assessment via palpation
Approx. 40-50 minutes massage

This is followed by full owner feedback, recommendations on how to avoid activities of daily living that may be exacerbating the condition, and aftercare advice. After the first 1.5 hour session I offer follow-up visits of 1-hour duration.

All clients must obtain veterinary consent prior to treatment, in accordance with the Veterinary Act 1966 and Exemptions Order 2015.

Paws & Restore Clinical Canine Massage

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