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VetExchange Limited (EasyPill)

VetExchange offers a range of innovative products designed to increase the animal’s health and well-being for both our clients and pet owners alike. 

We pride ourselves in having some oof the best nutritional products on the market from nutritional supplements such as EasyPill, quality scientifically produced natural pet food in SANIMED and our advanced range of dermatalogical products in NovaDerm. 

Our EasyPill range provides pet owners with a simple highly palatable treat produced in putty form to enable easy adminstration of any tablet or nutritional support.

Do you have trouble tableting your pet? As a pet owner who finds tableting their pet a real chore why not try EasyPill. As a highly palatable pliable tasty treat EasyPill will provide you with a simple rewarding experience so that you no longer have to fear tableting your pet. Using either our cat putty or one of our supplement supports you can now conceal the medication provided by your vet and offer it to your pet as a tasty treat. 


For further information on our veterinary supplies please contact your veterinary surgeon today, or call our office to find out more information.
VetExchange Limited (EasyPill)
Just some of our products
Easypill Transit Dog: Parafin oil softens and lubricates the intestinal tract and is adapted to maintain and support a digestive disorder thus encouraging intestinal transit for the dog.

Easypill Dog Liver Support: In the case of chronic liver insufficiency Silymarin and Omega 3 provides effective liver support.

Easypill Dog Smectite: Reduction of acute intestinal absorption disorders using a bentonite green clay with amazing toxin absorption power.

Easypill Dog Resolvin Convalescence: Nutritional restoration, convalescence. To provide essential nutriments which activate the pathways of biosynthesis of mediators involved in the resolution of the inflammatory process.

Easypill Dog  Kidney: Support of renal function in the case of chronic renal insufficiency.

Easypill Resolvin Flex Dog: Support of the metabolism of joints in case of ostheoarthritis. To provide glucosamine, chondroitin, and essential nutriments which activate the pathways of biosynthesis of mediators involved in the resolution of the inflammatory process.

VetExchange Limited (EasyPill)

About us
At VetExchange we develop and deliver premium innovative products designed to assist and support the veterinary market with specific advantages and benefits to professionals and pet owners.

As a company we look to ensure that every client receives the very highest quality in terms of service.  Each and every product we supply has been carefully chosen to offer the vet and pet owner a true benefit through efficacy, safety and innovative function.

VetExchange Limited (EasyPill)


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