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Julie Smith Dog Training and Behaviour

Julie Smith Dog Training and Behaviour in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire

Covering all of North & South Lanarkshire & some Glasgow areas

Welcome to Julie Smith Dog Training & behaviour - why choose me?

  Training your dog is important in order to have a healthy, balanced and happy relationship with them & one which you can both enjoy!. I can offer you friendly, professional and experienced help with all aspects of dog training and behaviour and coach you as the owner not only train your dog, but also to learn and understand your dog better in general. Read their body language, understand their motives and help teach them more appropriate behaviours

My role as a qualified dog trainer and behaviour consultant is an important one and one which I absolutely love! I take great pride in being able to help owners understand their dogs actions and behaviours and how to help change these. Coaching you and your dog to a better understanding of each other and a happier life together ongoing

Julie Smith Dog Training and BehaviourJulie Smith Dog Training and Behaviour

 Over the last 9 years I have accrued numerous certified Diplomas and Certificates with 'Distinction' in both Dog Training & Behaviour as well as various other training & behaviour based courses from puppy training to first aid.This is important to check with whomever you choose to help you and your dog as the industry has many ‘trainers’ with little or no qualifications! I'd recommend anyone looking for professional help to check qualifications and accreditions prior to booking!

I am not here simply to train your dog with short term fixes, but to help you as their owner learn how to fully understand and read your dog, how to communicate, and to enable you to train your dog and recognise how and when to fix any issues ongoing and in the future. This will help set you up for life with your dog and give you the tools you require to deal with training and behavioural issues ongoing, making this a worthwhile long term investment in your dog.

What I offer -

121 Consultations
Kickstart consultation + 1 hours follow up session
Full training & behaviour courses
Fully private puppy training programmes
Group Puppy & Intermediate courses
Group Confidence building walks
Online video and distance training programmes

Julie Smith Dog Training and BehaviourJulie Smith Dog Training and BehaviourJulie Smith Dog Training and Behaviour

Over the years I have helped hundreds of clients and their dogs and I'm proud of the friendships made, results achieved, and of the positive feedback and reviews I've earned

I look forward to meeting and making friends with many more clients over the years to come as well as continuing to further my own development in line with modern dog training and behaviour methods as the years progress.

Thank you for visiting my website and  I hope to meet, help & work with you and your dog soon.

 Julie Smith
BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv / OCDip.dogtraining.STFR

Julie Smith Dog Training and Behaviour


“We used Julie for our GSD pup. Julie's knowledge of dog behaviour is excellent. She talked us through behaviours to praise and those to ignore. She helped us with our girl's high drive which showed when runners and cyclists passed us. I cannot recommend her manner with both humans and dogs highly enough. ”

- Doreen Grainger

“We are so grateful to have found Julie to help us with Mollys training issues. We were at a loss as to how to fix her and had even contemplated re-homing her which was so upsetting to even consider. Upon meeting Julie she was so lovely and really patient in asking us lots of questions and helping us see and understand why the issues were issues at all! She took time to ensure we understood and even helped us see some of what we were doing was letting Molly think her behaviour was OK!!!! From session one we learned a lot but by the end of a few weeks the changes were just wonderful and we have our little Molly just as she used to be now and can't imagine life without her Highly recommend”

- Mrs Grieve

“Julie was just fantastic!!!! She was extremely patient with both my husband and I, took time to explain things (and explain things again) until we 'got it' and knew what we were doing. As it turned out a lot of what WE were doing affected what Buddy was doing and quite simply when we changed our behaviours,we managed to change his also! Julie helped make it so simple and easy to understand and we really feel like we understand Buddy more now and can even communicate with our own little dog!! She was a godsend and we can't speak highly enough of her ”

- Irene Milligan

“We worked with Julie several years ago with our GSD bitch pup. Our girl was very excitable and desperate to chase every car she saw. AfterJulie’s advice and several sessions we felt more able to cope. Our dog is now just over 3, we have relocated to the Western Isles and lorries, vans, tractors, motor homes etc can all pass us as we walk on single track roads with no pavements and not a peep out of our girl. Thanks Julie.....we couldn’t have done it without you. ”

- Doreen Grainger

“Can’t thank Julie enough for helping us with Shug our Airedale terrier puppy. Julie has great patience and uses her vast experience to train the dogs. Shug came on leaps and bounds with every visit from Julie. Due to injury we had to cut training short but planning on getting Julie back to carry on where she left it off. Shug will be pleased he loves her to bits! ”

- Linda Duffy

“I had Julie out to help with my dog Bellas training and behavioural issues over a period of 3 months. Julie gave us such great advice, help & support throughout this time and was always on hand whenever we messaged to help with questions we had. She helped us understand how Bella thinks and why she was doing certain behaviours! And in the nicest possible way, let us see a lot of this was down to what WE were doing!!!!! Together with her help we now have a thoroughly well trained little dog who has a great daily routine and gets lots of walks and 'mental' interaction to make her much happier and settled. WE can't thank Julie enough for all her help!”

- Karen

“Julie was amazing helping me with Molly. I hadn't had a dog since I was a child and needed help to have the confidence to let Molly off the lead and know she would come back to me. Julie made it so easy and fun also giving lots of useful tips along the way. We now have another puppy Bailey and I can use what Julie has taught me to benefit us all. Highly recommended. Thanks Julie ”

- Linda Boyle

“I am thrilled with Julie's help the last few months and could not be happier with the change in Dizzys behaviour. We were at a loss on how to move forward and had even considered re-homing!!!! Who knew it would all be explained so simply to us so that WE could understand what WE had to do! Not poor Dizzy! Now that we understand our own dog better we can help train her with better behaviours and she now gets rewarded and reinforced for doing GOOD and not yelled at for being naughty! Thank you so SO much Julie you are amazing! ”

- Margaret Good

“I'm absolutely thrilled with the help,advice and 121 training Julie from Pawsitive Approach has provided is with for our new puppy. I don't know where we would currently be without having her help but at the minute we now have the best trained 6 month old puppy you'll ever meet! Fantastic knowledge and so helpful and patient with both us and the dog. Can't recommend highly enough ”

- Lisa

“One of the nicest patient people I've met. My two boys and I have become good friends with Julie since she began helping us with their training and cannot thank her enough for all her help and support. So grateful for all she's done and to have two well behaved obedient young dogs. ”

- Kath Malloy

“Can't thank Julie enough for the advice, time and patience she has put into myself and my rescue collie. I've watched him come on leaps and bounds both in training and in confidence. Highly recommend her to anyone needing help with their dogs. ”

- Ann Borland

“Julie has worked with our two dogs over the last few months and initially to help with car chasing issues. As well as resolving this she has taught them and us fantastic obedience and we now have 2 very well behaved boys who are a pleasure to walk. We can't thank Julie enough for all her help.”

- Gillian

“Helped train our two German Shepherd dogs who both had different issues at the time. Very good at what she does and was always happy to help as and when we needed her. Definitely recommend Julie @ Pawsitive Approach to anyone ”

- Douglas

“Julie spent a few months visiting me and my two king Charles spaniel puppies to help with their puppy training and ongoing obedience. She was wonderful with both myself and the dogs and really has a lovely way with dogs. It's really something to watch. ”

- Kath Maloy

“Absolutely fantastic. Really knew her stuff and was so helpful and patient in teaching 'me' how to train my dog. Highly recommend ”

- Catherine Boyle

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