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Advanced K9 Solutions

  • Dog attack deterrent spray
  • Purchase in a handy 50ml aerosol
  • Made from food grade essential oils
  • Help protect you & your dog
  • Designed to overload the senses
  • Causing confusion and distraction

Advanced K9 Solutions

Advanced K9 Solutions

There's No App For Experience

Advanced K9 Solutions Ltd was formed primarily to train government agencies in techniques for handling dangerous dogs and also in the training of dog handlers. Due to an increasing demand from the general public and from staff handling dogs in their day to day working environment we have now developed products and training to suit.

Advanced K9 SolutionsAdvanced K9 SolutionsAdvanced K9 Solutions

FIRST STRIKE K9 SPRAY™ has been specially designed by subject matter experts and food development scientists for use against aggressive dogs and provide the responsible dog owner with the means to protect their dog and themselves.

Containing a combination of several food grade essential oils it is both safe for the user and the dog.
Drawing on many years’ experience of dealing with aggressive dogs we have joined forces with a leading food flavouring specialist and together, selected a number of food grade essential oils, each one chosen for its ability to overload the dogs highly developed senses causing confusion and distraction without causing any harm to the dog’s health.

Simply point the spray towards the dogs muzzle and discharge in a short burst, the dog will be engulfed with a vapour cloud.

Advanced K9 SolutionsAdvanced K9 SolutionsAdvanced K9 Solutions

FIRST STRIKE K9 SPRAY™ is available to purchase in a handy 50ml aerosol can and conforms to all the required UK and European legislation, making it safe for use, not only by professionals but for the first time, is safe and legal for use by the general public for example, dog walkers, joggers, ramblers and any person who may come into contact with an aggressive dog.

All the food grade essential oils have been meticulously selected to ensure that the combination does not form a noxious substance and as such remains lawful.

For many years Advanced K9 Solutions Ltd has been the sole provider of training in advanced dog suppression techniques to specialist military, police and Government agencies around the world and by drawing on this experience we are pleased to offer this product to the general public.

PLEASE NOTE – FIRST STRIKE K9 SPRAY™ is for use on dogs only.

At the heart of everything that we do is the welfare of animals. With our in depth understanding of the psychology and anatomy of dogs we are able to provide the best products and training available which will achieve the results that you want without causing any harm.

Advanced K9 Solutions

Dog Attack Rssponse Board
Advanced K9 Solutions Ltd realise that in a kennelling environment staff safety and animal welfare is of the upmost importance. We work with both Government, civilian and International Clients in providing equipment and training to bring a safe and speedy conclusion to any loss of control.

Advanced K9 Solutions Advanced K9 SolutionsAdvanced K9 Solutions

We understand that on occasions personnel who are not necessarily confident with dogs may be called upon to assist with an incident involving an aggressive dog, this is why we have developed the dog attack response board.

The dog attack response board is easily identifiable and holds the necessary equipment to assist with any incident.

Displaying our equipment ensures that managers are complying with the Health And Safety At Work Act 1974, which states that the employer must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of all employees.

 The dog attack response board is available in 2 sizes and are designed to be easily identifiable providing you with the equipment to assist with any incident.

Advanced K9 Solutions


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