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Car Shades

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  • Shield your pet from harmful UV rays
  • Reduce pet stress on long car journeys
  • Made in the UK
  • Hand finished each & every one
  • Protect your pet from heat
  • Discount by using code GOODDOG5

Car Shades

Car Shades - Vehicle specific car sunshades manufactured in the UK with an EXCLUSIVE discount

What are Car Shades?
Should you buy Car Shades because they look so good? Because they increase security and comfort? Or because they are versatile and easy to fit? Well, ‘yes’ to all of that, quite frankly!

Car Shades punch above their weight in terms of how they enhance your driving enjoyment, including …

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Manufactured in the UK

Car Shades Give:
Protection from UV rays: Passenger and pet protection from UV rays is the obvious benefit from these shapely shades – but it’s really just the tip of the iceberg, benefits wise. Comfort is king though, especially on a long journey!

Protection from Glare: For the driver, Car Shades help to prevent the sudden ‘dazzle’ from headlights of following traffic at night as well as sunlight during the day. Especially effective when the sun is low during autumn and winter months. This helps to increase your active safety when driving, allowing you to concentrate fully on the road.

Security: Hide your valuables, and deter opportunistic thieves with Car Shades’ unique full-area tinting effect, which adds a significant degree of additional security for items like laptops, bags, phones and samples which may have been left on show.

Car ShadesCar ShadesCar Shades

Child & Pet Shading: Anyone who carries kids and animals in their car knows how important it is to keep things cool! Whether your rear seat passenger is furry, funny or just feisty, life’s going to be a lot more bearable for everyone if you keep them shaded. Car Shades allow the windows to be fully lowered whilst still protecting passengers from harmful UV rays. Anything for a quiet life on the road!

A Bug Barrier: Prevent those dramatic driving moments by keeping flying beasties OUTSIDE the car. Car Shades remain in place even whilst driving with the rear windows open, so bees, wasps and flies can’t come along for the ride, uninvited.

Protection from heat: Car Shades clever solar fabric blocks out the sun’s heat, whilst still offering excellent visibility. The upshot is that you stay cool, and your aircon system doesn’t have to work so hard to keep up, resulting in lower fuel consumption and greater comfort.

Car ShadesCar ShadesCar Shades

Made In The UK
We’re proud to hand-finish each and every one of our Car Shades kits here in the UK.

Great Britain has an enviable tradition of fine coachbuilding and bespoke upholstery, and we draw on this, balancing the latest CNC wire-forming technology with hand-cutting and stitching, each time we create a set of tailor-made shades for your vehicle.

Car Shades

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
To give you complete peace of mind about purchasing Car Shades for your vehicle, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren't completely satisfied with them.

It ensures that quality and craftsmanship are always at the forefront of what we do. And, better still, it means we can turn around even one-off custom orders in just a few days… Try doing that from an overseas factory!

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Made In The UK

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