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  • High quality dog beds made in the UK
  • Bespoke and standard sizes available
  • ​Waterproof & hardwearing
  • Orthopaedic dog beds
  • Dog beds for cars & kennels

Big Dog Bed Company

Big Dog Bed Company - Bespoke Dog Beds

A good night’s sleep is not a luxury;
it is essential to the health and wellbeing of your dog

Signature Dog Beds
Our Signature dog bed are the result of trialling different constructions and grades of components to two years. It is a fantastic bed that will last your dog for years. They provide high-quality support and are super comfortable. We use the same components for our horse lorry cabin cushions that people sleep on, so couldn’t be better.

They have a 5 cm thick core of high-density upholstery foam as you would find being used in demanding situations such as the hospitality industry - hotels, bars, restaurants - conference centres, and mattresses. 2.5cm of good quality memory foam are added to the top and bottom making these beds reversible. These beds are made to last.

Big Dog Bed CompanyBig Dog Bed Company

Orthopaedic Dog Beds
The pressure relief Active Recovery® bed has a strong pedigree. It is based on bed construction used in medical environments, including NHS hospitals, to prevent the development of pressure sores. The bed design ensures an even distribution of weight across a dog’s body. Pressure on sensitive, inflamed areas is minimised, resulting in a reduction in muscle tension, greater comfort and improved sleep quality.

Bespoke Dog Beds
Our Made-to-Measure service gives you complete control and enables you to customise your dog's bed to suit the space available in your home, car or kennel. Please remember also to make sure that the bed is appropriate to the size of your dog.

Big Dog Bed CompanyBig Dog Bed CompanyBig Dog Bed Company

When you order a bespoke bed, you are able to specify the cushion construction, the shape and the fabric.  All the fabrics are waterproof, antibacterial, stain and urine resistant and machine washable at 30c.

To ensure that you end up with a bed that is ideal for your dog(s), we need to know your dog’s age, weight, and breed(s). We will also ask you how the bed is to be used – eg primary bed, long trips in the car, short journeys only, occasional use in a crate, and so on, as these affect the most appropriate style of cushion.

Big Dog Bed CompanyBig Dog Bed Company

Dog Crates Beds
Our mats for dog crates are offered in five standard sizes and bespoke. The standard sizes cushion is 5cm of high-density upholstery foam with a choice of fabrics – fine grade, tough canvas or stretch PU, both are waterproof. Beds for your dog’s crate can also be made to bespoke sizes and cushion styles.

Car Cube® (new to market)
New to the market, this dog seat is designed for medium to large dogs – Spaniels, Collies, Labradors. Base 52cm square, Top 62cm square, sides 48cm high
Benefits: Ideal for nervous travellers or those that get car sick - Easy access for older dogs - Eliminates the need for a crate in the car boot - Leaves two seats free in the back while letting the dog travel beside family members - Allows owners to keep their dog closer to them while travelling - Frees up boot space

Big Dog Bed CompanyBig Dog Bed CompanyBig Dog Bed Company

Characteristics: Fully machine washable - Cosy fleece lining - Waterproof shell protects car seats from wet, muddy dogs - Drop down flap to protect car paintwork and seat squab as dogs enter the car - Tough, lightweight fabric - Easily stored when not in use - Removeable stiffening rods for ease of washing - Easily closure using quick fasten clips - Adjustable straps enable fitting to any style of vehicle;

Car Dog Beds
These hard-wearing, 100% waterproof, easy clean beds are ideal when your dog is at its muddiest. The covers are easily cleaned by brushing, with a cloth or using a hose. They are also removable for machine washing. The hardwearing canvas fabric is designed for outdoor use and is highly UV resistant. Whether you travel long distances with your dogs, or just go to the local park, these are fit and forget items requiring only occasional washing.

Big Dog Bed CompanyBig Dog Bed CompanyBig Dog Bed Company

Incontinence Beds for Dogs
These beds are designed for dogs that are temporarily, occasionally or severely incontinent.

If you are coping with a dog that has faecal or urinary incontinence these beds are ideal. They are totally waterproof and the seams are thermally welded, not sewn, so the beds are completely sealed. The fabric is wipe clean and antibacterial. It will also take medical-grade disinfection. No need to wash covers regularly.

Proud to be made in the UK
All our beds and veterinary equipment are designed by us and made in the UK. We purchase a small amount of specialist fabric direct from the manufacturer in Belgium and The Netherlands, however, everything else is sourced in the UK.

Big Dog Bed Company

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