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Dogs Behaving Calmly

Dogs Behaving Calmly - Dog Behaviourist in Oxford, Oxfordshire

My name is Linda Cooze, I’m a dog behaviourist living and working in Upper Heyford, near Bicester in Oxfordshire.

I’ve had dogs my entire adult life. For eighteen years I also worked in a pet care centre, and for five I worked alongside a dog trainer. It’s this lifelong passion for all animals which led me to become a dog behaviourist and start Dogs Behaving Calmly: A dog training business that improves the behaviour of dogs across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Northamptonshire.

Dogs Behaving CalmlyDogs Behaving CalmlyDogs Behaving CalmlyDogs Behaving Calmly

Unlike many dog trainers, I don’t focus just on problem behaviours or train one issue at a time. My approach works by first winning the dogs mind – relating to the dog and “becoming the pack-leader” – which then enables me to address all behaviour issues at once. This is a highly effective dog training technique that covers all dog and puppy behaviour issues.

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I’ve seen the benefit of this dog training method with my own dogs, and now I want to help other people change the way they see and relate to their own beloved pets. By using this unique method, you will have a much calmer dog.

Whatever has brought you here, I believe I can help you have a better relationship with your dog, so please get in touch now to arrange a consultation.

What's the difference between a dog trainer and a dog behaviourist?
The terms “dog trainer” and “dog behaviourist” are often used interchangeably. However, the approach – and the results – can be very different.


A dog trainer will attempt to teach your dog to do (or not do!) something through various encouragement and discouragement techniques relating to that one specific issue. A dog behaviourist will gain a much deeper understanding of your dog, their relationship with you, and how their mind works. They then use this understanding to quickly and effectively make a wide range of changes to your dog’s behaviour.

Dog behaviourists are also generally more qualified than people who call themselves dog trainers. Linda Cooze from Dogs Behaving Calmly is a Dog Behaviourist based in Oxfordshire.

Dogs Behaving CalmlyDogs Behaving CalmlyDogs Behaving Calmly

Dogs Behaving Calmly

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