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2 Manor Farm Barn
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  • Scissors & clipper blades sharpening
  • South Shropshire & North Herefordshire
  • Dog & Equine groomers
  • Using the very latest equipment
  • Garden tools also sharpened
  • Tool collection & delivery service

Jerry's Sharpening Service - Serving South Shropshire and North Herefordshire

I offer the highest standards of professional sharpening for a range of blades and tools, from grooming equipment and scissors, to specialist knives.

Sharp tools are easier to use!
It's common sense to keep your blades as sharp as possible - you always want them to cut as smoothly as possible. I have many years' experience in both modern and traditional blade sharpening, and I will make sure your tools are ready to cut cleanly so you can do a precision job whenever you use them.

Jerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening Service

Let me make sure that your scissors, clippers, razors, garden tools, and knives are at their optimum sharpness; give me a call and arrange for your equipment to be sharpened by an expert.

I am happy to collect and deliver your items for your total convenience, or you are welcome to bring them to my workshop. Prices vary depending on size, quantity, and distance of collection and delivery, but if you bring your items to me directly, I will typically charge between £3 and £8 (with discounts for multiple items).

Dog and horse grooming equipment sharpening
I take the very greatest care in sharpening scissors and clippers, so that you can keep your animals looking their very best.

From dog grooming, to horse and cattle grooming, and even sheep shearing, I can sharpen grooming tools for almost any purpose.

Jerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening Service

When to get your equipment checked
If the scissor or clipper is pulling the hair
If the scissor doesn't cut across the full blade
If it requires excess force to cut
If the tension screw won't turn
If the equipment has been dropped recently
If the quality of the cut is poor

Keep your dog perfectly trimmed
Do you own a grooming salon? You need to make sure your scissors are as sharp as possible to ensure the perfect cut, every time. The better the cut, the more repeat business you will see. Make sure your equipment is in perfect working order by letting me regulatory sharpen the blades on your scissors and clippers.

Jerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening Service

More than just sharpening
I go the extra mile to make sure your tools are in perfect working condition. I don't just sharpen the blade; I check for defects in the tool itself and can replace faulty parts for maximum efficiency.

I take pride in making sure that all equipment is returned to you in perfect working condition, so that you will have complete faith in using my services time and time again.

I also offer a comprehensive garden maintenance service, which includes sharpening all your garden tools.

Don't waste money on replacing equipment just because the blade is dulled - let me sharpen them back to their original condition. Call Jerry's Sharpening Service in Shropshire today.

Jerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening Service

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