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  • Scissors & clipper blades sharpening
  • South Shropshire & North Herefordshire
  • Dog & Equine groomers
  • Using the very latest equipment
  • Garden tools also sharpened
  • Tool collection & delivery service

Jerry's Sharpening Service - Serving South Shropshire and North Herefordshire

I offer a high standard of professional tool sharpening for anyone who uses Scissors, Clippers, Knives, Garden Shears, Secateurs,  Axes, Machetes, Chisels etc.

You only have to ask to find out if it is something I can do.

Jerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening Service

Scissor and Clipper Blades
Regular servicing making sure your scissors and clipper blades are perfectly sharp makes sense and is essential to the well being and skill of the professional groomer.  There are a variety of scissors and clippers used and they are expensive, so for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one is it not better to have them looked after and serviced by a skilled and reliable person? Why become part of the 'Throw away society'?.

Jerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening Service

Servicing and sharpening is a skilled process and is not a simple procedure involving a can of oil and a file. Scissors and clipper blades are dismantled, cleaned, inspected for wear and defects, with worn or missing parts replaced.  This is followed up by sharpening and polishing using the very latest equipment imported into England and recognised world wide.

The American Ookami Gold System for Scissors  is a machine specifically designed to sharpen a full range of scissors from the highest – end salon scissor for Stylists and Barbers to Dog and Equine groomers. The Diamond wheel creates an incredibly sharp cutting edge and amazingly only removes a small amount of metal allowing for many more sharpenings.

Jerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening Service

The scissor edge is finally honed and polished to a razor finish, cleaned and assembled and then balanced. After applying lubrication the scissors are tested using wet tissue paper and human hair - which is the traditional cut test.

Both the comb and the cutting blade of the Clipper are sharpened using the Canadian AF/CAN Clipper honer using a variation of oil and grit (sharpening compound) depending on the type of clipper blades being sharpened. Clipper blades also require the spring tension to be checked as a weak spring can effect the cutting action even if the blades are sharp. The traditional cut test involves using a special type of string and imitation hair.

Knife and Specialist Edge Sharpening
Knife sharpening can be a very controversial subject as there are many varied and accepted methods of sharpening and to comply with these variations the following internationally recognised machines are used.

The American TRU HONE industrial sharpener, incorporating two pairs of grinding wheels which counter rotate producing a dead centre cutting edge with both bevels being exactly the same. The machine is encased in stainless steel and complies with CE regulations and can therefore be taken into any kitchen enviroment. It is used mainly for the larger scale knife sharpening in Restuarants, Kitchens, Schools, Colleges, Nursing homes, Abbatoirs etc.

Jerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening Service

The Swedish water cooled TORMEK which has the reputation of being amongst the finest sharpening systems in the world for precision work. Perfect for knife sharpening, shaping and repairing broken blades. The TORMEK is also very versitile for sharpening an array of specialist tools such as wood turning carpentry chisels.

For the more tradional and dedicated knife owner the Japanese method of sharpening using whet stones can also be done. Whet stones of varies degrees of grit ranging from 800 to 1200 are used honing the blade to an ultra sharp finish.


Garden Tools
Most gardners love their tools especially if they have been handed down over the generations. They become part of the family and it is only fair that they are lovingly cared for, but over time all garden tools will lose their edge and gather grime and rust. A quick service involving the removal of the grime and rust, and sharpening of the blade is all that is required to make the tool useful again.

Jerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening ServiceJerry's Sharpening Service

Another common problem is the replacement of wooden handles that have broken due to age, disease or rot and this can be carried out at the same time as a service. Often people like to renovate a family garden tool, not for use but to display on the wall in rememberance.


Tool Collection and Delivery
A collection and delivery service is available within a 30 mile radius of Craven Arms (SY7 8DG). It is preferred that tools can be examined before work can be undertaken as sometimes tools are damaged beyond repair.  Likewise, on delivery, clients can inspect and check that the sharpening has been done to their satisfaction before payment is made.

Most tools have a turn around time of 24 hours - during busy times delivery may take longer.
Onsite Sharpening

This service is available when certain criteria are met - please contact me for further details.


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