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Alena Artist

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Alena Artist

Alena Artist - Pet Portraits Artist

Alena’s cosmopolitan upbringing stimulated her to explore and learn about the world. She spent several years traveling, fascinated by its wildlife, while regularly returning to base in Ibiza. Today, Alena makes home in the South West of England again, now with her dazzling 6 year old son. They, and faithful hound ‘Sparky’ love their enchanting cottage just outside Bath, where she has found her true vocation.

Portrait of dogsPet PortraitPortraits of dogsPortraits

In latter years she has adopted the medium of pastel pencil drawing, finding that it better enables her to communicate the sensitivity she has always sought to express. Alena creates works of art that capture the very soul of her animal subjects, drawing you to their veritable presence. Delighted clients link to endorsements page tell of their almost being with their pet when looking at their commissioned drawings.

Pet Portrait artistPet Portrait artistPets portraiture

These are not mass produced prints which are changed with re-decoration. Instead they are each one unique, created after getting to know the subject, and then drawn from the heart for you.

Pastel pet painting commission Portrait of dogsPet Portrait

Many pet owners have fond memories of their soul-mate who is now resting peacefully in that great pet heaven. Alena can bring back to the owner that very presence of their pet link to gallery which was so sadly lost. Allow Alena to create your unique work of art, whether for yourself or your family. A popular choice is to have the pet drawn in a group pose with family members, just as a lovely drawing of Alena’s son and Sparky playing together, now adorns grandparents’ walls.

Competition winning portrait artistPortraits of dogsPortraits

A capable photographer with an artist’s eye, Alena captures images of both wildlife and pets, then creating her own international competition winning portraits. Many of these are available as limited edition, high quality signed and numbered prints.

Alena Artist


“I have just received my beautiful pastel drawing of my Son and our Dog, I cried with pure joy!!! She did an exceptional job, she was a pleasure to deal with and brought them to life in a drawing I will cherish and keep for the rest of my life. Thank you Alena. ”

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