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Raw4Life - Local Pet Food Delivery in Somerset

At Raw4Life we specialise in selling raw food for owners who want the most natural way to feed their pets. We have a wide variety of minces, bones and chunks.

All our food is frozen and all our suppliers are Defra approved.

pet foodfood for dogsWheat & Grain Free

Chicken necks - Duck necks - Turkey necks - Chicken feet
Duck Feet - Chicken wings - Duck wings - Bones - Diced heart
Lamb Heart Chunks - Diced liver - Kidney - Tripe chunks - Lamb Tripe Chunks
Boar Chunks  - Fish chunks - Salmon chunks - Trachea
Chicken carcass box - Lamb Ribs - Rabbit Chunks
Beef Chunks - Stuffed Hooves

Why Feed Raw?
Dogs have evolved from wolves and their needs are nearly identical. They have a digestive system designed to break down raw meat and bones and can easily cope with things like salmonella as they have very powerful stomach acid.

Quality dog and pet foodstreatsraw pet food

Here are some of the many advantages to feeding your dog a totally natural diet of good quality unprocessed food:

Allergies and skin complaints disappear
Immune system is boosted Oral health and hygiene improves – no more dog breath!
Increased muscle mass Reduced body fat – less strain on the joints and organs
Smaller stools that do not smell Reduced vet visits
It is generally the grains and cereals found in processed foods that your dog reacts to leading to many health problems.

Switching to a raw diet is the best thing you can do for your dog and we are here to help you through your journey!

pet foodfood for dogsNatural Dog Foods

About Us
It began with Dave the Bulldog. When Dave joined our family as a young pup he came with his fair share of problems. The main thing being kennel cough, which he recovered from but the impact this had on his immune system was huge. He had allergies, lumps and bumps, bald patches and he seriously stank!

I needed to find a cure for him and after spending a long time researching on the internet and talking to people in the know, I was convinced I had to try raw feeding. Along with Dave we also had an older bulldog, Sophie.

So my concern was as a 'senior' dog of 7 years old (getting on a bit for a bulldog) would raw be the right thing for her? I needn't had worried. They had the last of their kibble and went over to raw the next day.

The result? Dave no longer suffers with his list of problems and is a happy, healthy bulldog. Sophie turned back the clock and gained a new lease of life till the grand old age of 11, which exceeds the bulldog average! So any regrets? Only one - I wish I'd switched to raw feeding years ago!



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