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  • Specialising in fearful & anxious dogs
  • On lead reactivity & pulling on the lead
  • Fear of noises (fireworks)
  • Supporting owners & training dogs
  • Online content including ‘how to’ videos
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Canine Support

Canine Support - Dog Trainer in Wellington, Somerset

Does your dog lack confidence, are they sensitive to loud noises, do they focus on everything except you?
Would you like to improve your dogs overall well-being? Do you feel isolated because of your dogs reactivity?
Do you want to learn about why your dog behaves the way it does?

Canine SupportCanine SupportCanine Support

“Aggression comes from a place of fear and it is the dogs’ way of communicating and asking us for help” Linda Tellington-Jones.

Why choose online dog training?
Study the video's and transcripts at your convenience, replay as many times as you want and complete the small tasks.
Start your training at home, in the garden or low stress environments to learn new skills and perfect your training.
Use the weekly Zoom meetings to ask questions, discuss your progress and learn even more.
Take your new skills out and about, slowly increasing the distractions at your own pace.

Canine SupportCanine SupportCanine Support

Our online courses give you the skills you need to understand your dog in order to effectively communicate with each other, so you can both feel confident and safe. Learning these skills in a low stress environment you will develop an unbelievable bond with your dog and with this new level of trust, together you can then begin to positively associate with the things your dog had previously found difficult. Whether that is reacting to dogs, people, moving objects, noise sensitivity, unsure of touch, issues from Lockdown and so on.

Try our free Ebooks and Games today, for enrichment, lead pulling and fear of fireworks.

Current courses:
Bark To The Future an 8 module online course to help your fearful and anxious dog which can be completed over 2 to 3 months depending how much time you and your dog need. Visit the curriculum here.

Loose Lead & Connection the best way to teach your dog how to walk on a loose lead. Visit the curriculum here.

Tellington TTouch
We use positive reinforcement methods and Tellington TTouch to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of your dog. Building a greater bond between you and your dog and overcoming any difficulties you might be having. I will give you the tools to be able to tackle stressful situations in a positive way.

Canine SupportCanine SupportCanine Support

One of the best things about having a dog is going for lovely long walks and spending quality time with them. However, if your dog pulls on the lead, barks and lunges at other dogs, people, bikes etc, or is just really anxious when on a walk, this can make walks really hard work. Your dogs’ reaction is an emotional response to stress which might be fear, anxiety or frustration – their reaction makes them feel better for that moment and so they keep repeating the behaviour. We can teach your dog different ways to respond which makes them feel even better, changing habits and behaviours. In our courses we look at your current situation and create solutions that work for you and for your dog. Book a free discovery call with Katharine today. Susan & Peppy said "It was really good to talk someone approachable & pragmatic about my new rescue dog. I found the consultation really useful & has given me some useful pointers”


Canine SupportCanine Support

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