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  • Qualified dog trainer & behaviourist
  • Essential dog etiquette development
  • One-to-one Dog Training
  • Nutritional advice for wellbeing
  • Focusing on communicating with your dog
  • Positive reinforcement training

D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations

We would like to announce with pleasure to be able to offer Dog behavioural training services in the local areas of;

Thurston, Bury St Edmonds, Diss, Thetford, Eye, Woodbridge, Sudbury and Haverhill in the county of Suffolk.

Opening Day; Friday 14th April 2023.

Fully qualified and insured we have been training dogs just under 10 years.

All new students and multiple dog owners will receive incentive discounts.
This offer is limited to 2 months.

"Training is designed to be fun and encourage any age group, to get involved whilst interacting with their dog and learn basic calming skills and nutritional values to improve your dogs wellness."

D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations

We take pride in training and promoting good behaviour in canines.

Primarily focusing on how you, the pet owner ought to communicate with your dog correctly.

Awareness of dietary needs, exercise and general work/ play routine, with up to date training methods required for a good family home environment.

Exclusively we provide a one hour a week, six week basic training course, with various literatures provided to cover the essential needs and skills you will need to successfully become an effective competent dog handler.

At the end of the course you are assessed and awarded a completion certificate.

D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations

What we do!
We take pride in training and promoting good behaviour in canines.

Awareness of dietary needs, exercise and general work/ play routine, with up to date training methods required for a good family home environment.

Exclusively we provide a one hour a week, six week basic training course, with various literatures provided to cover the essential needs and skills you will need to successfully become an effective competent dog handler.

At the end of the course you are assessed and awarded a completion certificate.

The importance of our one-to-one programme is to recognise and focus on the attention of the dog and dog handler during training, within a controlled environment to minimise any distractions or unwanted interruptions from any outside sources.

D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations

The method of our training is based on positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour.

Learning at a steady pace with patience is also encouraged and continuity and regularity of training. It is recommended that puppy training begin as young as 7 to 8 weeks of age.

The training methods will be specific to the breed and any relevant history of behavioural problems or health.

Necessary play intervals are interspersed to develop bonding.

Each learning stage is assessed and recorded on progress charts.

Fact file information literature and advice are provided for homework and practising after each training session.

D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations

Booking sessions are very flexible within a five day working week. Regular intervals  between training are recommended.

All consultations are based on first hand assessment of the canine involved before diagnosing any problems.

Vet referrals and further specialised issues can be accommodated by the trainer.

Remote Learning - How does it work
This is a very simple and unique way of passing on puppy training knowledge alongside training literature, which is provided for later practice sessions on your own.

All zoom consultations & meetings (video links) are exclusive to you and you only with the puppy/dog training instructor.

D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations

​This can be accessed and used from your own electronic devices such as your smartphone, android tablet/iPad or a PC and placed in a suitable position for visual learning.

One of the most important things to consider and remember is that practice and consistency is very important, as well as following simple instructions involving play!

It still remains that the more you put in to your own practice sessions , the more you get back when doing these exercises after having your  video link for one a hour session a week.

Contact D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations


“ Thank you so much for your support with Barney, the change is massive. The lessons are fun, informative and tailored to what we need as a family, but also very mindful of Barneys breed and his own unique personality. I would never return to group training sessions again after this experience. ”

- Jane Prutton

“We found Denzle after having obedience issues with our 2 year old female lab Luna. He took us right back to basics and we saw a vast improvement with Luna every week. Luna had very basic training due to being a lockdown dog, so learning from the start again was great. Denzle is very calm and kind and we all loved working with him! We now feel more confident with handling our dog and giving her the commands she needs. He also taught us a lot about dog psychology throughout the 6 weeks so now we have a better understanding of these behaviours and how to avoid certain things from manifesting. We can highly recommend Denzle to anyone who is having issues with their dogs or anyone who just wants to have basic training. Thank you Denzle for your patience not only with Luna but also with us! Karen & Chloe ”

- Karen & Chloe Daniel

“ "During our consultation, Denzle promised that by the end of the course, we would be sharing our lives with a different dog. Now, of course, he wasn’t saying that he would swap our untrained, excitable, slightly nightmarish cocker spaniel pup with a docile, obedient alternative. Rather, Denzle would teach us how to understand and interact with our puppy in such a way that made sense to her, and that would nurture and direct her in appropriate ways. While our puppy is still a crazy, happy little thing (who will still steal your underwear if given half the chance), Denzle was right: she has been transformed. Before Denzle, we were very frustrated by our puppy and this was entirely not her fault – she was doing everything a healthy and happy puppy does. The problem was our understanding of that behaviour, and our ability to harness that to train her. Denzle tailored a 6-week plan that would cover the basics, and it turns out that she is a very clever little thing who thrived under Denzle’s tutelage. Whilst we still have a long way to go, we are armed with knowledge and skills that we didn’t have before, and a new found confidence that we all understand each other a lot better. Although the course and the consultation were expensive – far more than I had planned to spend on a training program – I believe this was a sensible and worthwhile investment into our puppy and into our own knowledge and skill bank. Denzle is clearly passionate about his work and cares greatly for dogs. He is the ultimate professional, with a laser focus during the session, and he clearly spends time before and after your session thinking about you and your puppy and what you need to work on. I would highly recommend Denzle to anyone who needs to train themselves/their puppy/dog."”

- Zoe & Alice Reeve

“When we set out to get help for our 8 month old Welsh Terrier Myfyanwy,Myfy for short,we were at our wits end. Having had dogs all of our lives we had never encountered one like her.She could be loving and sweet and she could turn into a raging barking,disobedient,bitey monster who made us cry and ask ourselves if we could carry on with her. To have given up on her would have left us feeling failures so we searched the Internet for help as a last hope. We came across Denzle’s website and immediately felt this could be promising. Steve spoke on the phone to Denzle who sounded so genuine and professional and caring.Denzle soon made us realise that it was not all Myfy’s fault but the way we were behaving towards her too. After just the first session we could see that Denzle was going to make a big difference to our lives,which heartened us.We and Myfy completed our course test yesterday successfully and are very grateful to this kind considerate and amazing behaviourist who has shown us all the techniques we need to continue the journey with Myfy. She is 10 months old now and is becoming a lovely, well behaved member of our family .Even Clementine our Airedale enjoys her company now, bar the odd playful tail pulling, which we now know how to control.Myfy was always excited to see Denzle and we are sure like us will miss his weekly visits. Thank you Denzle we will continue with your hard work and wish you all the best for the future. Kind wishes Val and Steve Fossey,grateful Clementine and your new best friend Myfy x ”

- Val & Steve Fossey

“Just wanted to say thank you for all your help, the change in Maisie since we started is astonishing and the methods you use with a real world context behind it is extremely effective for both Maisie and for us!”

- Louise Abbott & Mark Bagshaw

“Cruz  our 7 month old Chow Chow went for a 6 weeks training. We can’t express our gratitude to Denzle enough. Weekly photos, video updates, Denzel went above and beyond for Cruz. It was so reassuring that he treated him like his own dog. The bond they built was lovely to see and we quickly realised we had made the right decision for Cruz. His lead walking and recall and manners have improved so much. We have learnt so much form his expertise. Highly recommend to everyone. Thank you so much Denzle.”

- Ewa Janowiak and Suki Sangha .

“Hi Denzle, just wanted to say thanks so much for the dog training. You were absolutely brilliant, we learned so much and so did Doug. You have put a lot of our worries at ease, and it’s great to see Doug progressing so positively. Thanks very much, from Lauren, Oli & Doug! ”

- Lauren Murray & Oliver Clarke

“We asked for help with our 8 month old American Bulldog for obedience training. From the point of contact to the last session,we found Denzle to be professional and knowledgeable. We gained added skills and knowledge to manage Moscow and more confidence as dog owners.  Thank you Denzle! Julia. ”

- Julia Gardier

“Thank you for today, Blu is coming on brilliantly and his behaviour in general has improved so much since we have started training with you. Will definitely be recommending you to friends! Thank you! Ciara, Conor (& blu).”

- Ciara O’Donnell & Conor Macken

“Eight weeks ago Charlie arrived from Romania so traumatised that he wouldn’t walk through a door, was nervous around people and would walk 10ft on a lead before wanting to turn back. After 6 weeks training with Denzel he is a changed dog. He is much more comfortable around visitors and people on the street, there have been no accidents in the house for over two weeks, he can manage short trips in the car and regularly goes on walks with 12 other dogs with no issues at all. He is yet to meet a dog that he doesn’t like. I really recommend this course.”

- Mark Kratovil

“Thanks again for Chester's training. Your training has made all the difference to a very shy and anxious Rescue. Your help and support will help us reach our goal in raising a much loved,confident and happy dog.”

- Eileen & Glenn

“Denzle has been amazing and never had a trainer like him! We cannot recommend enough. Jasmine and Tigger needed some behavioural training, they would fight and felt they were out of control. Since having sessions with Denzle, they have become different dogs. We feel they are calmer and happier in their day to day lives. We feel they respond to commands and have more of a connection with us. We also absolutely love Denzle’s approach to training, he is so calm and understanding. He also explains in depth why we do the exercises and what it is like from the dog’s perspective.”

- Victoria & Julie Crump

“Before Denzle's lessons, our dog Storm had trouble focusing. Prior trainers had only taught us the generic basics and we had started struggling with his adolescence. For our classes,Denzle had created bespoke lessons catered to our needs, and not only trained our dog, but more importantly trained us as owners; giving us material and guidance on how to carry forth the lessons into real life. Denzle was very thorough, knowledgable and kind and would highly recommend him to any owner looking for only the best for their dog. ”

- Alaina Watson & Jak Barr

“Denzle, great 6 week training for Billy who has come on leaps and bounds. Very structured in bite sized chunks and excellent follow up notes. Would happily recommend to any new puppy owners. Thanks ! Andrew and Baljit.”

- Andrew & Baljit

““Zoom” Remote learning, Puppy Training! Our seven month old doberman Dexter is a very affectionate, loving and super energetic puppy. He was lacking some manners. After careful research we decided to contact D. Garricques Puppy and Dog training foundations. Initial consultation revealed gaps in Dexter's obedience training. Denzle carefully designed a programme tailored for our puppy's needs. We have noticed behavioural changes very soon after we started the programme. Denzle's expertise, friendly manner and experience is evident. We are halfway training course and had been equipped with tools to help our dog develop great habits and be in harmony with his owners. Thanks. ”

- Jazz and Elena Josen

““ Denzle came recommended to me by an old friend, who was having some additional obedience training for her puppy. Having recently become the proud dog dad of a Husky, I wanted to hit the ground running, and Denzle’s experience of being the dad of 3 himself was key. Denzle came to the home for his initial consultation and his calm and assuring presence and deep level of understanding and ability to convey his message were the key reasons I chose Denzle for my puppy training lessons. My dog has grown in confidence with the guidance given to us from Denzle and she is a pleasure to be out and about in public with as a result. Thank you Denzle!””

- Jamie Newell

““ I enrolled my nervous puppy on Denzle’s 6 week training course and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We are only half way through the course and my dogs behaviour and etiquette has improved massively. He is no longer so anxious and I can tell he really enjoys the training techniques. Each lesson has been set out in a clear way. As a first time dog owner, I really appreciated how Denzle explained the dog psychology behind each behaviour or action and provided a solution which was practiced out in the lessons . It was lovely that Denzle provided handout copies of what we learned in the lesson as I was always able to refer to them when training my puppy.””

- Vanessa Echefu

““Denzle is a friendly, professional and informative trainer. He was very helpful with our training requirements for our puppy Mia.” 25th July 2021.”

- Greg Clark

“HERO BLUE HUDSON ; “Denzle is a godsend for anyone who needs some extra help with their dog. Our puppy Hero is a lively, playful puppy who went through basic training, but the training he was given was nowhere near in-depth enough or something we could build on as Hero grows. In particular, he is a natural puller on the lead and this was something we wanted to remedy, along with some other naughty habits and general obedience training. Denzle visits before training to sit down and have a consultation about you and your dog’s needs before you begin. This is so vital as the lesson plans are tailored to you, along with giving you all the tools and knowledge you need to be a confident dog handler. Denzle gives you written training guides, general info on dogs and lesson overviews for you to refer to in-between lessons. These are so valuable, as if anything isn’t quite clear, or you’ve forgotten something you can go back and refer to these. Denzle is calm, patient and clearly loves all dogs. He will go into detail and give you the psychology behind why your dog is behaving the way he is, or is not. The biggest lesson Denzle will teach you is to not have such high expectations from your dog. They are still learning and it is never to late to train your dog, or teach a new behaviour. The course was in-depth, covering everything from lead-pulling, to leave it, to touch, recall, stay and much more. “Hero”passed his bronze assessment with 97%!! Denzle is a wealth of knowledge, helping our puppy not be so afraid of his harness and referring to his handouts and advice, we now can identify how Hero is feeling through his calming signals. We can now detect when Hero is feeling anxious and how to help calm him down. This has increased our bond with Hero and we get many ‘I love you’ bows now. We have come away from the course feeling like we have the necessary basic tools to continue Hero’s training on our own, but if anything ever comes up we know who we will call.” Dana & Theresa”

- Dana & Theresa Hudson

““Denzle has been fantastic in helping me train my dog. He is meticulous in his explanations and his patience with us was great. I am seeing daily improvement’s with my German Shepherd, applying Denzle’s teachings in my daily interactions with him. Some of the lessons were “obvious” others were “revelations” but whether they were either of these things, it was the understanding and application of these techniques, and understanding my dog, that Denzle opened my eyes to. I would thoroughly recommend Denzle.” ”

- Charlotte Morris-Curtis & Paul Curtis

““Having gone to puppy training before with Alfie and not completely understanding what I was supposed to be actually doing, I was very apprehensive to begin my training with Denzel. Thinking this would be another waste of time and money, I was soon proven wrong! Starting lesson 1 and having no confidence within me that changed immediately. With detailed explanation of what was expected of me to help Alfie my confidence began to grow! Denzle explained in detail the commands I was to learn, and if I didn’t understand he patiently went over again in detail. With that I immediately understood and in turn Alfie was able to understand what was required of him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Denzle to anybody requiring help to train their puppy; this clearly is a man who is passionate about the pets within his care. Today lesson 6, and both Alfie and I successfully completed our course gaining 100% pass.” 2nd July 2021”

- Caroline Kelly

“We just had our first training session and it was overwhelming insightful and helpful in training the puppies and helping us understand the mentality of the puppies at a given time. 28th June 2021 ”

- Philip Dowell & Natalie Whitaker

“We are very much enjoying our training with Denz, as it allowing us to feel confident in what we are teaching Lulu, breaking her out of some bad habits as well as creating stronger between Lulu and us. I would recommend Denz’s services many times over. The sessions are well structured and well thought out, building on top of each other from week to week. 23rd March 2021.”

- Natal’e Beckles

“Remote Learning Obedience Puppy Training: Denzle is incredibly thorough and knowledgable in the field of dog behaviour and training. The course not only gives you all the fundamentals for getting your puppy trained but goes above and beyond to address the very specific training needs we highlighted at the beginning of the course such as having young children, constant barking and recall training. Denzle is passionate about his field and it shows in the quality of the work he produces. As long as you listen and are consistent with training, the results are impressive. Within 5 weeks our dog was free of 5 of the 6 issues we had raised. Can’t recommend this course highly enough and in the environment of covid the zoom lessons were invaluable. Thank you Denzle! ”

- Shima Jafari

““Butternut is our first puppy and we can truly say we have been in professional hands with D.Garricques Puppy & Dog Training. Denzel’s training is clear, well structured, thorough and has left us with a well behaved and very happy pup. Even through another lockdown, Denzel provides amazing virtual classes and has really helpful behavioural advice. We would really recommend Denzel for any newbie dog parents like us. Thanks Denzel!””

- Steven & Sarah-Jane Daniels

“Our beautiful puppy Stanley the Pointer needed some dog training. We looked online and came across Denzle. What can we say!? We are so glad we contacted him and arranged the 6 week training. Denzle is amazing! He has so much knowledge and has helped us with every aspect of training. We have noticed a huge difference in Stanley and are so happy! ”

- Mr and Mrs Kelly & Dan Cook

“Arthur and I are both enjoying our training classes. Denzle is methodical , organised and thorough. We would both highly recommend him .”

- Katherine Amphlett

“We have just completed our 6 week course with Denzle for our rescue puppy Tommy ( Dachshund / Jack Russell cross ) we can't believe how much we have achieved in such a short space of time. Tommy is unrecognisable compared to 6 weeks ago. Denzle is reassuring, patient and an incredible teacher and we are forever grateful for the skills that Denzle has taught both our dog and us as handlers. Thank you! Highly recommended...!”

- Kate Hearn

“I was impressed with Denzle from the beginning because he checked if my puppy had been vaccinated, it demonstrated a real care of my dog's well-being. Denzle outlined what would be happening and his explanation of clear and concise and easy to follow instructions. A very professional service, would recommend to anyone.”

- Lucia Melillo

“Denzle is a fantastic trainer, very patient and passionate about his craft and really supports his clients to get the best out of his training. I have learnt so much as has my partner, I can’t recommend his services enough. We have seen such a change in a small space of time with our dog, Rolo. Thoroughly enjoyable, informative and rewarding. Anna, Matt & Rolo .”

- Anna Barke

“We had our second training session for Oscar with Denzle. He is training us well. I say that because it’s not just the dog that get the training. Everything Denzle tells us about my dog is based in actual animal science. All of the lessons are being put to great use and we have had our first social meeting with another GSD. With great success. Denzle has given me more confidence in my dog and my ability to control him. You only get out of it what you put in. No more crushed fingers for me. Definitely worth his weight in gold. ”

- Natalie Maughan

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