Aldeburgh - Dog Friendly Beach in Snape, Suffolk


  • Dogs allowed just north of town
  • Fresh seafood bythe beach
  • Great hotels and restaurants
  • Historic buildings
  • Some restrictions may apply

Aldeburgh - Dog Friendly Beach in Snape, Suffolk

The beach at Aldeburgh is a wonderful place to find yourself on a misty, still winter morning.

The sea's music on the shingle is the only sound, just before the town wakes up and the early boats return with their catch.

Dog Friendly Beach in SuffolkDog Friendly Beach in Snape

The pebbles have been endlessly turned upon and between each other, smooth to the touch and harmoniously coloured.

On mornings like these, it's hard to pick out the horizon, the massive sky folding into the sea.

The mist seems to amplify each small sound, yet the intimacy remains.

Highly recommended.

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Dog Friendly Beach in Suffolk

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