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  • Grow your chihuahua's confidence
  • Reduce barking & crazy chi behaviour

Online chihuahua training force-free, fun and easy to follow.

Have you tried taking your chihuahua to training classes? Was your chi overwhelmed and stressed? Did they become a barky nightmare or shut down with fear?

People take their chihuahua to training classes to try and socialise their dog and avoid the stereotype of chihuahua aggression and barking. 

More chihuahuas get asked to leave training classes than other breeds. The problem is they can’t cope around larger breeds, the noise and excitement pushes them over the top and they have a meltdown. By now the damage is done and your chihuahua hates other dogs on sight! You start to believe your chihuahua is untrainable. 

This is why I built Chihuahua School. The first ever online training school dedicated to helping chihuahua owners train these spirited little dogs! 

Training is force free, fun and fits easily into a busy schedule. You only need a few minutes of training a day. To your chihuahua it will look like  playing games, because you're are! Fun games that shape behaviour. 

You can access it anywhere and work through the video training at your own pace. Join our  Positive Chihuahua Training Group for support. 

Transform your chihuahua from 'stinker to thinker!’ 

Join Chihuahua School today and everyone can enjoy their walkies!

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