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  • Rehomes purebred & Labrador Retriever
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Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England

Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England, is a registered charity that rehomes purebred and Labrador Retrievers crosses. We are not directly associated with any other Labrador rescue organisation, but we try to assist any that may contact us for help,

With the majority of dogs that we re-home in England we try to work on a system whereby the owner of the Labrador to be re-homed continues to keep the dog, if circumstances allow, until the right home is found, as this minimises the dogs anxiety. If a dog needs to be removed immediately from a home, for whatever reason, we will place him in a LRRSE. approved kennel. We also have several temporary foster homes where we can keep dogs in a home environment until a suitable new home has been found.

Most of the dogs that we re-home from Ireland will have spent a little time in either a foster home or in a sanctuary where they are assessed before travelling over to England. We prefer to also arrange for them to go straight into their new homes as soon as they arrive. So, although you may not get to meet your dog until the day he arrives, we are often able to provide a photo of him as well as information about his previous life and all relevant details about him. When we have a dog in kennels you will be offered the chance to come along and meet him.

When you decide toapply for a rescued Labrador, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire, after which, one of our Re-homers will contact you to arrange a home visit at a time when all members of your household are available to chat. Unless you currently own a dog, our Re-homer will probably be accompanied by one of his/her own Labradors. If your garden fencing is in need of repair, please make sure this is done before our Re-homer visits you. Providing everything is satisfactory, you will then be placed on our register. We endeavour to work swiftly, however, the time it will take us to find you the right dog is likely to be determined by the number of preferences you stipulate, e.g. age, colour or sex. Nonetheless, the right dog could come along very quickly.

Please try to be open-minded about the age and sex of the dog you would like.Dogs can be just as loyal and loving as bitches and all Labradors make wonderful companions.

There is no 'average' rescue Labrador. Many of the dogs we are asked to re-home come to us because a change in circumstances makes it impossible for their family to continue to keep them. Most have been well looked after and are healthy. Some, however, are old and infirm and require a comfortable, loving home in which to spend the remainder of their days. Some dogs do have problems, but with the right home these problems can often be overcome. As many of the dogs who come to us are accustomed to having someone at home with them for most of the day,we will not re-home a dog anywhere where he is going to be left alone for longer than four hours.

A settling-in period is essential for rescued dogs, so he may not initially be as well behaved and obedient as you would like. Equally, you may be lucky and get a saint! Either way, L.R.R.S.E. are always there to offer advice and support and will continue to assist you as and when necessary, for all of the dog's life. We strongly recommend that you insure your new dog and enroll in a local dog training class, as you probably have as much to learn as your new dog. When adopting a Labrador, you will be asked to sign an adoption form agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions set out by L.R.R.S.E and to make a set donation, the amount requested depends upon the age of the dog and is not refundable.

Should you ever need to find a new home for your Labrador, pleasecontact usfirst. Our Re-homers are experienced Labrador owners who do their best to match each individual dog with a suitable, loving home. Unlike many other similar organisations, we maintain contact with the new owner for the remainder of the dog's life to ensure the dog's continued well-being.

Pleasecontact usif you have any further questions regarding LRRSE.

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