Port Eynon - Dog Friendly Beach in Overton, Swansea

Port Eynon

  • Dogs allowed all year round
  • Attractive arcing beach
  • Great fish 'n chips
  • Convenient parking
  • Dog friendly beach in Overton, Swansea

Port Eynon - Dog Friendly beach in Overton, Swansea

There is a magnificent arc to this beach, which seems to frame the bay, particularly on an ebb tide, like the one that greeted me for this re-visit.

It was a balmy, hot afternoon at Port Eynon, with a fused horizon, due to the heat haze.

Dog Friendly Beach in SwanseaDog Friendly Beach in Overton

This created an other-worldly atmosphere, dream-like in the warmth, accompanied by the rhythm of the waves.

There's a fine seven mile walk along the coast from here to Rhossili.

Highly recommended, a special place.

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Dog Friendly Beach in Swansea

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“Just been to Port Eynon. Most of the beach doesn’t allow dogs at all - not even on lead. ”

- Emma

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