Bark 2 Talk - in Atherstone, Warwickshire

Bark 2 Talk

  • Reward based behaviour & training advice
  • Canine Behaviour Practitioner Level 5
  • 100% force-free, pain-free & stress-free
  • 100% for charity
  • Specialising in rescue dogs
  • Follow up calls to support progress

Bark 2 Talk

Bark 2 Talk - Qualified Canine Behaviour Practitioner in Atherstone, Warwickshire

I am the owner of two Romanian rescue dogs, Luna and Nutmeg, and have qualified as a level 5 canine behaviourist. If you are interested in the offering below or are interested to know more please get in touch.

Bark 2 TalkBark 2 TalkBark 2 Talk

Bark2Talk background
I firmly believe all dog training should be 100% force-free, pain-free and stress-free. My advice will be holistic and my training is science-backed and current. I have set-up 'Bark 2 Talk'  to provide behaviour and training support, along with general guidance on caring for a dog to people with rescue dogs who feel they need help (non-rescue dogs welcome for donation to one of my dogs rescues). All payments will go to the rescue organisation / charity the dog came from or one of my choice. 100% for charity. All calls currently will be virtual by video call.

Currently available
For a £75 donation to your dog's rescue organisation / charity (or a rescue of my choice if your dog was not from a rescue) I am offering:

Bark 2 TalkBark 2 Talk

Support and guidance on behaviour and training.
A 2 hour initial consultation (remote) followed by a detailed report listing general advice and a personalised plan.
2 hours worth of follow up calls to support progress.
Optional: additional sessions on original issues for £10 donation per hour

Level5 qualified with ISCP in canine behaviour with additional qualifications from Compass training, and certificate from ISCP on separation related behaviours. Continued Personal Development is ongoing.

Owner of 2 rescue dogs, one of whom has been more challenging and I have learnt hugely from helping her.

Bark 2 TalkBark 2 TalkBark 2 Talk

Two years and one year respectively helping with 2 Romanian rescues (homechecks and settling-in advice: 75 dogs successfully homed in UK, informal support calls, general admin).

Behavioural advice with virtual consultation and written feedback throughout 2022 for carers of rescue dogs, started after achieving level4 qualification start of year.

Level 5 qualified in leadership and management for 'people' skills.

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