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Canine Care Communication & Counselling

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  • Canine behaviour services in Birmingham
  • We accept any dog of any breed
  • MEM of CFBA, PETbc, Guild Dog Trainers
  • Fully trained & over 20 years experience
  • Cover Warwickshire & the West Midlands
  • A combination of different approaches

Canine Care Communication & Counselling - Dog Behaviourist in Birmingham, West Midlands

If your dog has problems that prevent acclimatisation to both your home and the wider world then get in touch with our dog behaviourist/trainer. We work with dogs all over Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

The first step is always an initial consultation where we discuss your dog and establish why they have problems. From there, we provide a recommendation on how to address those problems, which could amount to anything from dietary alterations to obedience support or perhaps a combination of different approaches.

Canine Care Communication & Counselling

We don't believe that any dog is a lost cause and we carry on with our behaviour training until you're satisfied. We accept any dog of any breed and the service itself is in full compliance with all applicable COVID-19 safety guidelines.

John, who leads the business and handles all clients, is fully trained and experienced and a member of the CFBA (Canine and Feline Behaviour Association) for your peace of mind.

Struggling to control your dog?
Digging? Chewing? Constantly pulling on the leash? Open aggression when confronted with other dogs? You may be at your wit's end, but it says a lot about you that you're looking for help - that you want your dog to remain a member of your family. And we'll do everything in our power to help you do that. It all starts with an initial consultation.

Canine Care Communication & Counselling

Rectifying your dog's behaviour
What we need to do first is isolate the issues your dog has and to try and find out the root of them. From that point, we can come up with recommendations on how to work with your dog going forward. The solutions vary and may encompass medical treatment, obedience support, socialisation with other dogs and dietary changes. We proceed on that basis until you're satisfied with your dog's progress. We can accommodate any dog, no matter the breed, and all our services are carried out in full accordance with applicable COVID-19 safety guidelines. Our team are fully trained, have 20 years' experience in dog behavioural training and is a member of the CFBA.

The Guild of Dog Trainers
I am proud to be a member of The Guild of Dog Trainers, we promote gentle and kind and effective methods, based on the latest scientific theory. As a Master Trainer I have worked with many breeds with many problems which i find to be very rewarding.

Canine Care Communication & CounsellingCanine Care Communication & CounsellingCanine Care Communication & Counselling

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“John was so helpful in giving me strategies for dealing with my bouncy Old English Sheepdog. He spent time with Noah seeing what he needed and listened to my concerns. Noah is very vocal when visitors are here but I now know how to address this. We went for a walk and John helped me to make sure that Noah wasn’t pulling me but was slightly behind me as we walked. I have constantly practised this and after a few days minimal correction was needed. Practising ‘recall’ on a long lead with a dog whistle was really useful, and again is something we are practising frequently. Showing me how to cope with Noah’s excited reaction to other dogs, and indeed any other small animals, was a revelation. John did stress that all the strategies he has given me need to be constantly reinforced and that there isn’t a magic solution but I am confident that now, with continual reinforcement, Noah can be the well-behaved dog that I always knew he could be.”

- Fiona Cummings

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