Amy Hatcher - Dog Trainer in Storrington, West Sussex

Amy Hatcher

Doodley Dogs
Unit 19a Robell Way
Water Lane Trading Estate
West Sussex
RH20 3DN
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  • Canine Behaviourist and Dog Obedience
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  • Help with severe as well as mild cases
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Amy Hatcher - Dog Behaviourist in Storrington, West Sussex

My name is Amy Hatcher and I am the resident behaviourist and co-owner of Doodley Dogs a brand new purpose built dog day care, training and behaviour centre in rural West Sussex (just 20 minutes from Brighton).

I am able to take on severe as well as mild cases for residential rehabilitation and also offer residential day camp for owners who would like their puppies or adult dogs to spend some time with me each day improving their skills and obedience and their behaviour around other dogs.


I am also able to offer residential working dog training such as agility, wheelchair work and search and rescue work.

The residential courses run from 7.30am until 6.30pm Monday to Friday. Your dog will spend all day at the Doodley Dogs centre and surrounding environments as appropriate.

Your dog will be collected by the owner at the end of each day and returned to the centre the following day.

We have found it is better for the dog to be returned home in the evening as dogs are context sensitive and need to continue the skills they have learned in their home environment.... residential facilities that "fix" dogs on their own premises often find them returned for further training and further expense as they have not had a chance to improve their behaviour at home.

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Behaviour Therapy
Anti-Social Behaviour: Resolve anti-social behaviour including issues such as, Excessive barking - Digging - Pulling on the Lead - Jumping up - OTT behaviour

Seperation Anxiety: This issue is becoming more common and often results in stress and guilt from the human and panic from the canine. I can work with you to make your dog feel relaxed and confident with being alone and you more confident and able to walk away.

Prey Chasing: I like to see dogs enjoying free running and most dogs will instinctively chase other animals. I use kind and very effective methods to ensure that you can stop your dog chasing when you need to.

Excessive Herding and Stalking: Including chasing cars, bikes, joggers and trains.

Aggression: Covering both Dog to Dog aggression and Dog to Human aggression

Resource Guarding: Resolution to issues concerning both food and toy guarding as well as possessive behaviours

Inter-Dog: The break-down of a relationship between two dogs in the same pack or household.

Territorial Behaviour: All territorial behaviours covered.

Nervous Behaviour & Phobia: All fear related issues and phobias covered.

Doodley Dogs - Storrington

Doodley Dogs - Dog Day Care in Storrington, West Sussex

Here at Doodley Dogs we place a strong emphasis on dogs as pack animals. It's nature's way.

Dogs are naturally sociable animals, and in the wild will usually form packs.

Dog Day Care in Storrington

There are all sorts of negative connotations of 'packs of dogs' as dangerous and noisy, but they are in fact relatively calm and social structures.

It's healthy for your dog to interact with his own kind and it's important for every dog to have the opportunity to "speak dog" regularly.

Most doggy clients integrate nicely into our carefully organised packs, and play happily all day. You'll find that after a day with us your dog will have had so much fun that he'll be so tired out he won't even need to be walked.


“Amy helped with training issues we had with Harvey Hound when we first re homed him from The Dogs Trust. I would highly recommend her to all dog owners, she has an amazing way about her & bonded straight away with Harvey, we learnt so much from her & in the end only needed 2 private sessions. In-between sessions Amy asked us to keep her updated with Harvey's progress & was always on hand to answer any questions. She really is a brilliant trainer, thank you Amy for making Harvey a very happy hound!”

- Tiffany - The Good Dog Guide

“It's early days yet, Amy knows exactly what she is doing and she is very down to earth and approachable! Will keep you updated but I already see and improvement with my dog!!!”

- Jemma

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