Dalmore - Dog Friendly Beach in Carloway River, Western Isles


Carloway River
Western Isles
  • Dogs allowed all year round
  • Next to smaller Dalbeg beach
  • Fine coastal walks
  • Good parking and access
  • Dog friendly beach in the Western Isles

Dalmore - Dog Friendly Beach in Carloway River, Western Isles

Tripadvisor has rated the beaches of Lewis and Harris to be the best in Europe, bar none.

Dalmore is the larger of the two beaches here, the other being Dalbeg, with "mhor" meaning "large" and "beag" meaning "small" in Gaelic.  Both are situated just north of Carloway, on the west side of Lewis.

Dog Friendly Beach in Western IslesDog Friendly Beach in Carloway River

Dalmore is the better surfing beach of the two, with experienced riders using the dangerous rip tides for a ride out back.

It's also sandy and has better parking.

Dalbeg is more intimate, away from any hustle and bustle, with rounded, stratified boulders at the back of the beach.

The Atlantic rollers here are nevertheless spectacular, as they erupt against the rocky headlands in the bay.

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