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JamJacks PetCare

  • Alternative to the plastic cone
  • Unique body-suit
  • Suitable for after surgery
  • Prevents pet from irritating the wound
  • Used for skin complaints & incontinence
  • Breathable washable antibacterial gusset
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JamJacks PetCare

JamJacks PetCare - Unique alternative to the plastic cone collar for your Dog or Cat

Welcome alternative to the need for your dog or cat to wear a buster cone / comfy cone / Elizabethan- collar. Our pet suits are made of a comfortable, patented, breathable fabric with an antibacterial waterproof gusset.

We hope we have solved a problem for animal owners like ourselves by bringing this product to the market as an alternative to the existing restrictive plastic dog collars and cat collars. These collars, also known as dog cones, cat cones, comfy cones or Elizabethan collars are very restrictive for your pet and therefore generally uncomfortable and cumbersome.

plastic cone collar Elizabethan- collar Jamjacks Suits

When initially discussing the issues with the Vets and Owners, all were in full agreement that there exists a need for an alternative for dogs and cats to the current collars / plastic cones that have been around for many, many years.

Our JamJacks PetCare BodySuit is the perfect replacement for dog and cat Elizabethan collar cones that are used to control post operative pain for dogs and cats, helping pet recovery as well other things.

Suitable for after surgery Prevents pet from irritating the wound

Jamjacks Suits
We would like to present our unique body suit for dogs, cats and other pets which we believe is a welcome alternative to the need for your pet to wear a plastic buster cone / comfy cone or Elizabethan collar.

A lot of consideration and time has been spent to perfect the design and sizing of our pet suits. For example, one key consideration for the pet suit is that it should be comfortable. We achieved this by using breathable fabric and inserting an antibacterial waterproof gusset.

black paw Reduces your pet’s distress during the days following surgery/treatment black paw

black paw Prevents your pet from irritating the wound area black paw

black paw Hygienic jacket that can aid your pet’s recovery black paw

black paw Breathable and washable fabric with antibacterial gusset black paw

black paw Suitable for pets with skin complaints, ‘in season’ or with incontinence black paw

JamJacks PetCare


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