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Our website contains articles written by professionals and other experienced pet owners

Dog Friendly Scene was founded in 2016 by Teresa Milne. We are a website that talks about dogs, and we want to make it our mission to help dog owners with the information they need to care for their best friends.

Dog Friendly SceneDog Friendly SceneDog Friendly Scene

What You Can Find
Dog Friendly Scene is written by professionals trained on each subject that they write on about dogs. We offer advice on all things dogs, from breed history to personality traits and food recommendations. Whether you're looking for a new pup or just want to learn more about your favourite breeds, we have got you covered.

Founder Teresa has been blogging about pets since 2013, and her blog post topics vary from canine nutrition to how to keep your dog happy and healthy. Teresa's goal is to help people understand their pets better through education and information, making them more comfortable and healthier.

Dog Breed History
Come and learn with us about the history of different dog breeds? and how they started.

Dog Friendly SceneDog Friendly SceneDog Friendly Scene

Bad Food, Good Food For Dogs
It's important to know what types of food your dog can eat before you offer it. Check out this section on Dog Friendly Scene on good or bad foods for dogs.

Dog Friendly SceneDog Friendly Scene

Garden Safety
We love our pets and want to make them safe as possible! That includes keeping them safe outdoors. Check for certain plants and whether or not they are safe for dogs.

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