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  • Luxury, unique & custom dog collars
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  • Eco-Friendly leather
  • Details in a QR code
  • Carabiner connectors
  • Designed & made in the UK

Dargan Dog

Dargan Dog - Online Luxury, Unique & Custom Dog Collars

Our Hand made, Customisable, products are for the owner that believes they and their dog deserves far more in experience, style, conscience and passion.

Our Difference
The Platinum Pack introduces you to our brand. It includes everything that you will need to begin your journey with us, none more so then your custom made Core.

Your Core can then be used to attach any Collar you choose.

Dargan DogDargan DogDargan Dog

The Core
The most unique piece of our collar is the entirely new, lightweight and stainless steel 3D printed core. This custom made part holds the collar securely together with your dogs name or initials front and centre.

Sleek, Stylish and Customisable
Our collars have been designed with sleek and stylish in mind. The result is a collar without metal rings being attached which allows them to stay simplistic and silent at no loss to function. Also, you can choose a design that you like best to be laser engraved onto your custom collar.

Dargan DogDargan DogDargan Dog

Dargan DogDargan DogDargan Dog

Eco-Freindly leather
Our synthetic leather has a near identical texture to genuine leather, if not better due to its unique softness and durability without the ecological impacts.

Details in a QR code
This code is where the dogs details are stored and can contain anything from phone numbers and full address, all the way up to a google maps link to the owners home.

The options are limited to your imagination...

Carabiner connectors
The carabiner was selected as the connector for our leads due to the simplistic, easy and extremely fast way to attach the lead to the collar.

Dargan DogDargan DogDargan Dog

This is a tested strong and aesthetically pleasing way for you dog to be kept under control and safe.

Collection Card
Every order delivered by the official store will contain a stainless steel collection card with a proof of authenticity, security sticker on the back. This also contains the batch in which your items have been produced.

2020 is the first batch.

This also allows you to ensure that you are purchasing an official product.

Dargan DogDargan DogDargan Dog

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