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Bobs Treat Cupboard

  • Healthy, natural dog treats
  • No chemicals, no fillers, no nasties
  • Easy to eat, nutritious and tasty
  • Chewy treats for longer entertainement
  • Have a canine stamp of approval
  • Treat pack subscriptions available

Bobs Treat Cupboard - A Great Selection Of Natural Dog Treats


I'm Rach and I'm lucky enough to work alongside my best pal, Bob the Labrador.

I’ve been besotted with Bob since he joined our family aged just 8 weeks old and we’ve formed an awesome partnership together. Since 2017 we’ve run a highly successful dog walking business, Bob and Pals. Essentially he’s in charge of making sure everyone has a great time and I’m in charge of making sure everyone stays safe.

Bobs Treat CupboardBobs Treat CupboardBobs Treat Cupboard

I’ve met tons of fantastic hoo-mums and hoo-dads who want the best for their canine pals, but the more I chat to them, the more I realise it’s really hard to figure out just what “the best” is.  The shops have so many options available and unless you’ve got tons of time to do research, it’s really confusing trying to work out if the treats you’re holding actually are as good as the packet suggests.

I started literally opening Bob's Treat Cupboard and showing my customer’s what I buy and then it developed into selling the products directly myself to make their life easier and finally, creating our unique treat packs which are so much fun! 

Bobs Treat CupboardBobs Treat CupboardBobs Treat Cupboard

I’m really fussy with how I feed Bob; if I wouldn’t give it to him, I’ve not put it online for you to buy.  Everything I sell is tasty, nutritious and natural.  No nasties, no fillers and no useless cereals.

Healthy Everyday Treats
Easy to eat, nutritious and tasty; these treats are perfect for everyday enrichment.

Awesome Chewy Treats
Hard to chew, natural and fun; these treats are great for longer entertainment.

Handmade Treat Packs
A unique collection of 7 different treats for your dog to try without breaking the bank.

Not sure what your dog will like?
It can be really hard to tell from reading a computer screen if your pup will prefer a goats ear or a goose neck. Try a treat pack; 7 different treats, one for each day of the week. Something fun to do each day and a low risk way to try new treats.

Bobs Treat CupboardBobs Treat CupboardBobs Treat Cupboard


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