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  • Air dried, quality Dog training treats
  • Great for agility, training & recall
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  • Grain & gluten free
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Treats 2sit4 - 100% Natural Dog Training Treats

Totally natural dehydrated training treats for puppies, dogs, kittens & cats.
No artificial nasties or mystery ingredients, salt or sugar.
All of our products are grain & gluten free using locally sourced British meat.
Just packed full of proteins, vitamins & minerals.
Great to use as a high reward training aid treat & agility or if you have a real fussy pooch.

All of our products are made by hand, each & every one of them, then thoroughly scrutinised by the dogsbody of the joint before they are salivated over by our delectable treat connoisseurs.

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Training treats should be nice and aromatic for your dog as nearly all dogs work and rely on what food smells like. If it smells good it must taste good and they will do anything for a nice, smelly treat!

Next on the list is palatability for your dog. A training treat should be quick and easy to swallow. If you are training you won’t have time waiting for Fido to chomp through a large chew, by the time he’s finished that he’ll have forgotten what is was you wanted him for in the first place and his belly will be getting full, he’ll lose interest and so the whole mission will be over, leaving you frustrated.

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The treats I make have Fido and you in mind. They are pungent enough to keep him interested and focused on you, they are quick and easy to swallow, they won’t crumble into dust and best of all the meat is 100% British. I am passionate about animal welfare and that includes farm animals as well as Fido and his friends.

We are a family run business with a strong emphasis on establishing and retaining that special bond between you and your dog. It all started with my boy Alfie (Whippet) at the age of 18mths he suddenly transformed from an angelic lad to a tempestuous teenager! I needed help and fast. The treats I made helped me to train Alfie and bring him back to earth. Training, playing & rewarding was fun once more. It soon became clear to me that I couldn’t possibly be the only dog owner experiencing training & behavioural issues with their pet. Treats2sit4 was born….

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It is our mission to get your order shipped out to you as fast as possible within three working days.
(Monday – Friday), not including bank holidays.

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“They are not just the Best People,they are also doing the best Treats around.Our Hounds are the biggest Fans and loving them to bits.Plus they so good for them,make a real Difference since using them.”

- Ute Heilig

“Lucy is very fussy about her treats, as any doggy princess should be, and she just loves all the Treats2sit4 range. They're completely natural, high in protein and you can just tell they're made with love for animals in mind. Great treats to keep in your pocket as they don't crumble although I've had to stop taking them out to the park as other dogs started using my pocket as a nose bag!! They can't get enough of them!”

- Elaine Ferguson

“my dogs have been enjoying these treats since they were first introduced to them at Honley Show. They are fantastic pure treats and our favourite are smoked chicken. Can't rate the service highly enough either. The orders are dispatched quickly and Steph is charming. ”

- Ann Pointing

“Wonderful business! Always friendly service and wonderful treats my dogs would do handstands for! It is important to me that my dogs are fed as natural a diet as is possible, to be able to purchase such wonderful treats that are 100% natural, great value for money and most importantly that my dogs love; makes my job as an owner do much easier! Would rate 6/5 if I could!”

- Sarah Williams-Nash

“These really are treats to sit for! We have tried a few varieties, including Atomic Drops and dried beef heart. Every dog I know absolutely loves them! If you keep them in your pocket, be prepared to become the Pied Piper for dogs! And by the way, these treats are clean, dry and ideal for your pocket! I highly recommend them as a healthy and highly motivating treat!”

- Angie Shaw

“Highest value training treats. Good value for money - easy and non - crumbly to work with. I recommend these to people that train in our club.”

- Shirley Marke

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