Would you give a dog a home?

There are many ways to find a good dog; friends, breeders guides and local press adverts are just a few. One method which can sometimes be forgotten is the option of looking at a rehoming kennel. Sainsbury’s Bank has produced a comprehensive Guide to dog rehoming for those looking to rehome their own dog or provide a home for one. The guide gives step by step advice around the whole rehoming process. Who knows, it might just inspire you to give a dog a home.

border collie puppy sitting in the dandelions

Ticks and Fleas: how to spot, treat and protect your pet against them

Ticks and Fleas

After the wettest winter on record, ticks and fleas are certain to be a big issue for cats and dogs this summer. Log on to our live clinic to find out how to spot ticks and fleas on your pet, how to treat them, and how to avoid them in the first place

 Show date: Thursday 1st May

Show time: 8:30pm

As pet owners, we know that we’re meant to treat our dogs and cats for ticks and fleas but surveys show that most of us don’t do it regularly or properly. In fact, many of us don’t really know what we’re supposed to be looking for and because of this, most of us don’t realise that our pets may be carrying unwanted passengers. And these unwanted passengers can present a health risk to our pets, our homes and even ourselves.

In this tick and flea live clinic broadcasting live from the School of Biological Sciences at Bristol University we will be joined by Richard Wall, a Professor of Zoology at Bristol University; Paul Sands a leading dermatologist and veterinary advisor Renata Turlej.

We’ll also visit a veterinary practice to see how ticks and fleas can be identified, and we’ll learn what simple checks we can make on our dogs and cats to see if they’re carrying ticks or fleas.

At the end of the show you’ll be left in no doubt on how you can spot ticks and fleas on your pets, how you can treat them and how you can avoid your pets catching them in the first place.

The live tick and flea clinic is part of www.mypetonline.co.uk  initiative to highlight The Big Flea Guarantee this summer and as part of this vet practices across the country will be offering free flea and tick checks for our pets. But what does the test involve? Find out more in our live clinic.

Richard Wall, a Professor of Zoology at Bristol University; Paul Sands a leading dermatologist and veterinary advisor Renata Turlej join us live online at http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/my-pet-online  on Thursday 1st May at 8:30pm

Click here to submit questions before the show and to watch live from 8:30pm http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/my-pet-online