Wire Fence Celebrates International Day of Friendship by Offering Donation to Pet Charity

Fence supplying company Wire Fence decided to celebrate International Friendship Day by donating 100% of their profits made on the 30th of July to a pet rescue centre or charity.

There are millions of pets needing aid and rescue in the UK, therefore the company wants to mark this occasion by raising awareness of this issue. Pets are loyal and amazing friends and they are worthy of being celebrated on a holiday dedicated to showing appreciation towards those who we have special bonds with.

Wire Fence are currently open for applications from charities, and any UK based charity is welcome to enter the competition.

The application process involves the following steps:
Go to their Facebook page
Find their post about this event
Share the post publicly
Collect as many likes as you can on your shared post until the 30th July.

The donation will be sent to the charity who collects the most likes on their shared post until the 30th of July. The winner will be announced on the 2nd of August.

Wire Fence is dedicated to helping those in need. They decided to support a different organisation each month by organising a fundraising event. Read more about this charitable initiative here.

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