Happiest Dog Discuss Caring for Dog Paws with Dog Paw Balm

A hot, dry, or cold environment could cause dogs to experience some discomfort and irritations, especially in their paws. Considering how sensitive dog paws are, harsh weather conditions like snow and ice could result in them getting calluses and lesions. Since dog’s paws are susceptible to injuries, it is vital to ensure that they are protected by a quality dog paw balm like the Dog and Snout Premium product offered by Happiest Dog.

Since dog paws are quite delicate, always make sure that you inspect your dog’s paw pads at least once a day, especially during days when the weather is cold or scorching hot. And the best time to do this is while your dog is resting or sleeping.

Even if you have a resilient dog breed, it is worth keeping in mind that his or her pads are still vulnerable and susceptible to injuries, especially when it is hot outside. As your dog walks around, his or her delicate paws are exposed to various things like bacteria, dirt, and other objects that might cause them to experience paw problems. Since stepping on a sharp object or walking on a hot pavement could injure your dog’s paw, you, as a pet owner, will find yourself having to deal with one type of paw problem or another at some point.

Here is What You Need to Know About Your Dog’s Paws

When young, a dog’s paws are pinkish and soft and quite susceptible to injuries. However, as they mature, the skin becomes tougher, rougher, and less delicate. However, special care is needed for dogs who spend most of their time indoors since their paws are still quite sensitive because the skin hasn’t had the chance to grow thicker and tougher.

We, as humans, regulate heat by sweating. Dogs, on the other hand, regulate body temperature in certain ways since they only sweat in specific parts of their body. When a dog gets too hot, it will start panting in an effort to regulate its body temperature. And while their paws sweat, it is so little that it’s barely noticeable.

It is worth noting that dogs basically have five paw pads that are all covered with a thick fatty tissue coating found under the layer of their skin. The work of these pads is to absorb pressure when the dog is walking, easing the muscles around their joints. And while paws do an excellent job of relieving tension, they are the ones that are exposed to the environment and different elements.

Dealing with Dog Paw Issues

If your dog is experiencing any paw problems, make sure you sort them out as soon as possible. This is because most paw issues quickly become more serious problems if left untreated. As a dog owner, make sure you check your dog’s paws for signs of tears, cuts, or cracks regularly. It is always advisable that you treat any issues as soon as you notice them; otherwise, they could result in infections.

Making sure your dog’s paws aren’t cracked and all dried up should be a top priority. One thing many pet owners overlook all of the time is their dog’s feet. One way to ensure your dog’s feet stay healthy and safe is by using a paw balm such as the one offered by

Happiest Dog.


It’s also worth noting that some dog breeds are born with hyperkeratosis, a genetic disorder that causes their skin to thicken. The condition does affect a dog’s nose or paw pads.

This condition is acquired when the dog’s body produces too much keratin. The result? A build-up of extra skin on their paw pads. This excess skin makes their paws thick, dry, rough, and very hard. So, if your pet has hyperkeratosis or is experiencing issues due to extreme weather conditions, do your best to ensure his or her sensitive paws are protected with a high-quality paw balm.

Dog Paw Balm from Happiest Dog is convenient and very easy to apply. An extra layer of protection will ensure their paws stay moisturized while keeping them from becoming injured or irritated.

Using Happiest Dog Paw Balm Products

As we have already seen, extreme weather conditions like the cold of winter or heat of summer can aggravate a dog’s paws causing it to become excessively dry. Sadly, there are pet owners who never check on the state of their dog’s paws. Ignoring and not taking care of your dog’s paws could lead to severe issues that could develop into even more complicated health problems.

To ensure your dog’s paws stay healthy and well protected, consider applying dog paw balm from Happiest Dog on his or her feet. However, it is worth keeping in mind that paw balms are different from paw wax. While they may seem to have similar characteristics and traits, the two products are manufactured to serve different purposes.

Paw wax products are generally made to protect paws using wax-based ingredients. While some paw balms do contain wax in them, that does not mean that they are the best solution for your dog. Dog paw balm from Happiest Dog are designed to moisturize and soothe dog paws, especially if the dog in question has hyperkeratosis or dehydrated skin.

However, how does one tell their dog needs paw balm? Some of the signs to look out for include rough, dry, chapped, and flaky skin. Paw balms are designed to protect the paws of dogs from extreme temperatures, whether the condition is hot or cold. They are also intended to protect their paws from debris, sand, road salts, ice, and other potentially-toxic substances the dog might step on when out for a walk.

Paw Protection

One of the most practical ways of protecting your dog’s paws from the wide variety of external elements that pose a danger to them is to massage the pads with dog paw balm Happiest Dog. When applied, the balm creates an extra layer of protection that prevents particles from getting in between your dog’s paws and keeps the paws from coming into contact with toxic substances.

When using dog paw balm from Happiest Dog, make sure you apply it regularly right before your pet starts their routine. After you’ve walked your dog, make sure you check the soles of their feet to see if there is anything lodged there – make sure your wipe off any debris that might be stuck between the paws.

As a dog owner, you know that dogs are known for their excessive chewing issues and will probably directly or indirectly ingest anything you apply on their paws. Happiest Dog’s all-natural products are perfect for dogs since they don’t contain any ingredients that could harm your dog. Apart from using the balm on your dog’s paws, you could also smoothen his or her paws with shea butter, aloe vera, or coconut oil.

Benefits of Using Dog Paw Balm

Paw balm products create a barrier that shields the dog’s paw from anything they come into contact with while outside. They also serve as a protective coating that protects the paw from damages caused by chemicals. Apart from that, they also serve as an insulation that protects their feet from extremely hot or cold weather.

Paw balms also help keep your pet’s paws comfortable, smooth, and moisturized. These products are not just useful on paws; they can also be used or applied to their nose.

In instances where a dog has stepped on unwanted substances and has torn or cracked their paw(s), paw balms also work as effective first aid solutions as they contain healing properties.

Paw Care Tips

While applying dog paw balm from Happiest Dog on your dog’s feet helps protect it from injuries and discomfort, it is not the only solution to ensuring his or her paws stay healthy. As a pet owner, you need to take other precautionary measures, which is why you are advised to take your dog for paw check-ups regularly. This will help ensure that things like salt and other toxic materials that might be affecting your pet’s paws are addressed.

If you use paw balm on your dog, there are several ways to monitor if the product you are using is working to your pet’s advantage. To ensure that what you are using is effective, take the time to inspect your dog’s paws to see if there are any irritations. Any foreign objects or substances on your dog’s paws can make them uncomfortable.

A cracked paw could lead to serious infections. If you notice cracks on your dog’s paws, make sure you wash the feet with warm water and apply some Dog Paw Balm. To ensure your dog’s paws are well taken care of, make sure the paw balm you are using is safe and effective. For more added protection, consider getting him or her some dog shoes, booties, or socks.

Why 100% Natural Dog Paw Balm Products are the Best

When looking for a paw balm for your dog, make sure you get a product that contains 100%-natural ingredients. Natural ingredients tend to be gentler on the skin and prevent irritations. To determine which balm is effective and safe, check the ingredients used to make the products you are considering.

When Is It Time to Visit a Vet?

Fortunately, most paw problems can be easily treated from home. However, there are paw issues that might require you to take your dog to the vet for a check-up. If you see some of these signs on your dog’s paws, take him or her to the vet immediately:

– Sores on their paw pads

– Crusts forming at the base of your dog’s toenails

– Deep and bleeding cracks

– Excessive bleeding

– Calluses so thick that your dog’s toes appear misaligned

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