7 Solutions to Keep Your Dog Comfortable As They Age

Aging is inevitable for all of us, including our beloved furry friends. However, did you know that different dog breeds can have varied life expectancies? For example, a Jack Russel Terrier has an average life expectancy of 12.72 years, whereas a Pug is only 7.65 years. When your dog is considered elderly is partially determined by their breed. If you want to ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible as they age, check out our top seven solutions.

Dog Ramp
As your dog ages, you may have noticed that they are less inclined to do activities with ease. In addition, smaller pedigrees such as miniature dachshunds or toy breeds like Yorkshire Terriers can injure themselves by jumping from relatively short heights at any age. Providing a dog ramp or a stepping stool can prevent injuries and ensure your dog gets where they want to be.

Dog Stroller
Putting your pup in a stroller might first appear comical; however, it can be an efficient solution. You might want to consider a dog stroller if you:

  • Enjoy long walks or jogs, and your dog is now struggling to keep up
  • Have dogs of different physical abilities
  • Have an injured dog that enjoys getting outdoors
  • Need to transport your dog in busy areas
  • Have a dog that is too large to carry short distances like from the car to the vet’s office

Visibility Vest or Collar
If your dog shows signs of hearing loss, it can be challenging to find them in the dark. Likewise, your dog might not hear the danger of an oncoming car. A high visibility vest or collar ensures you can swiftly find your dog even when they can’t hear you calling.

Body Warmer
Older dogs can struggle with maintaining their body temperature and are less active. A fleece body warmer will keep them comfortable on chilly winter walks or when you don’t want to increase the thermostat.

Dog Brace
No responsible dog owner will allow their dog to suffer, but we know that multiple vet trips can quickly add up. Finding the correct dog brace for your pet can ease discomfort and prevent re-injury. Dog braces can be used to treat joint instability, nerve injury, arthritis, and more. Typical dog braces include:

  • Dog ACL brace
  • Dog knee brace
  • Dog CCL brace
  • Dog tarsal brace
  • Dog wrist brace
  • Dog elbow brace

Mind Your Floors
Slippery tiles, linoleum, and hardwood floors can be tough for an aging dog to maneuver and can cause injuries. If you find your dog pushing against a wall or furniture to ease themselves up, or slipping on floors, consider adding an area rug. Alternatively, a yoga mat can be a quick fix.

Appropriate Food
Like humans, dogs often gain weight as they age when they become less active, and their metabolism decreases. Please speak to your vet about the best age-appropriate food for your dog based on their breed, size, and activity.

A senior dog will spend an increasing number of hours dozing throughout the day. Investing in a high-quality dog bed with an easy-to-wash cover and memory foam will ensure they spend their remaining years in comfort.

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