CBD for dogs

Can CBD help dogs and is it safe to use it? Well, in this article, we are going to help you understand more about the effectiveness and safety of CBD. Dog owners started to be more interested in CBD as soon as they heard about the therapeutic potential. People are using CBD daily to help them fight many health issues. This tremendous increase in CBD’s usage made people wonder about the effects of CBD on pets. You may have heard a lot of things and also read a lot of articles about it already. This is because Cannabidiol is a very trendy topic in the last couple of years and access to information is easy. What bothers pet owners the most is the safety and the long-term results.

It is clear that people are benefiting from Cannabidiol and want to try it on their pets. Because humans and animals have similar endocannabinoid systems, the results should be similar too. That was later to be proved true and now dogs can also benefit from it. People are affected by many health issues and are constantly searching for all-natural ways or products to improve their health. With CBD, we finally have an all-natural ingredient that helps in many ways and has a lot of potentials. Being all-natural means being safe and a long-term solution that does not cause negative side effects when used properly.

Just like humans, animals, in this case, dogs, suffer from many issues too. Issues like stress and anxiety may be the source of many other health problems, so finding a solution to such issues is crucial for better health. Pet owners want only the best products for their four-legged buddies. In Cannabidiol they have that helpful friend who will improve their health.

Why are CBD products safe to use?
This is the most important question regarding CBD for dogs. Cannabidiol products are safe to use even though Cannabidiol is derived from cannabis plants. So, CBD is an all-natural ingredient found in cannabis plants, but you must understand that cannabis plants differ from each other. There are three main groups of cannabis: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. The Cannabis Sativa family consists of two main varieties that contain both CBD and THC. These varieties are Marijuana and Hemp, one not safe to use and the other safe. We say this because varieties that contain more than 1% THC are considered not safe and others safe to use. So, Marijuana may contain more than 20% THC, thus illegal. Hemp, on the other hand, is safe because it may contain less than 1% THC and around 20% CBD.

When we take all of these facts into consideration, we understand that the CBD derived from hemp is legal and safe to use. CBD has a lot of therapeutic properties just like THC has but THC has a psychoactive ability, which means it can cause addiction and get you “high”. On the contrary, CBD fights addiction.

How does CBD help dogs?
The latest studies just pointed out the medicinal potential of CBD for dogs. To be more precise, CBD Öl is a product you can easily apply to your dog because it is high-quality, safe, and works both in the short term and long term. In addition to that, the feedback from pet owners is very important. These owners are suggesting that CBD is helping dogs against pain, anxiety, and many other issues. But that is not all because the studies suggest that CBD has other benefits for dogs such as:

  • The anti-inflammatory properties
  • Cardiac benefits
  • The Anti-nausea effect
  • Controlling of appetite and the weight of the dog
  • The anti-stress or anti-anxiety impact

And these are not the only ones because CBD can help in many other forms. Long story short, if you use CBD for dogs properly you can see great results on your dog. If not, then some rare negative side effects may occur. So, if your dog is taking CBD alongside some other products or high doses of CBD, the results may not be the same and may cause lower blood pressure.

In conclusion, we can only applaud the interest and effort you give to your dog. We hope that the above information did help you convince yourself on trying CBD oil for your dog. If you still have any doubts, just ask the vet for more information.

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