How To Handle A High Energy Dog

It can certainly be nice to have that four-legged member of your family lighting up and bringing so much laughter and joy into your life. However, it may not be as much fun, especially on those days when you’d want to take it easy and relax, but perhaps, you have a dog with pent-up energy, barking and jumping for some more playtime.

A mischievous and hyperactive dog is truly something else. And in most cases, it may require a lot more time, effort, and energy from your end, especially during those first few months when you’re still trying to figure out what to do, how to deal with your dog’s energy, how to find quality dog food, and what activities to do, among others.

And with that, let’s dig in through some strategies to help you deal with a high-energy dog.

Don’t Encourage Excitement
Dogs are creatures of habit. And perhaps the worst thing you can do is shower a hyperactive dog with hugs and kisses when they’re over-excited. Doing so can send them the wrong message, where they might wind up thinking you condone their hyperactive behaviour. Your dog might also get the impression that they can get a reward from you when they act up and get over-excited, so they show the same behaviour consistently.

Yes, you can love and shower your dog with kisses and affection, but you can do it when they’re calm. As much as you can, try not to entertain your overly-excited dog. Also, if possible, do not touch or make any eye contact. This can be an effective strategy to encourage calm behaviour instead.

Provide Ample Exercise And Physical Activity
When your dog does not exhaust all its energy in the day, chances are, they can come back to you at night with so much liveliness. You may end up with a hyperactive dog in the evening, right when all you want is to have some peace.

As you already know that your dog is hyperactive, it’s your responsibility to give them ample energy and physical activity during the day. You can think of this as an opportunity to do the exercise you need. Twenty minutes to half an hour a day can be enough.

Providing a routine for your energetic paw friend can also add a bit of structure to their life. They would know when they should and not be moving around too much, like when you’re habit-forming in young children.

Put The Dog Brain To Work
When you have a high-energy dog, you must know that it’s not just their physical energy working extensively. Their mental energy could also be so high, giving them an active mind. And as such, it’s recommended to put your dog’s brain to work through stimulation activities.
If you have the budget, several toys promoting brain activities are being sold commercially. Alternatively, if you are creative and resourceful enough, you can also make your own with the items you already have at home.

Some cognitive games you can explore include:

Treasure Hunt: To do this, you can start by hiding a treat or your dog’s favourite toy somewhere they can easily find. This can be around the house or even outdoors. Allow them to sniff and search for it, and encourage them as they do this. This activity can be a great mental exercise and training for your dog’s senses.

Fetch Game: Perhaps one of the most common activities out there, this can also enhance your dog’s cognitive function. It involves throwing a toy or any object away and allowing your pet to run after it and return to you.

Enroll In A Dog Sport
Yes, pets can do sports, too! If you have a dog club in your local area, you’re most likely to find one with sports activities for your pet. There’s a sport for every dog’s interest, whether you have a four-legged loved one who enjoys obstacle courses or perhaps you may have one who practices competitive obedience.

Your dog doesn’t necessarily have to compete when you enrol them in such dog sports and activities. It could be simply about taking those lessons together and having fun with each other, so your dog can get the physical and mental stimulation it needs.

If you have a dog or puppy that seems to never run out of energy, the tips above can surely come in handy. And now, you can finally get a grip on what you should do with your hyperactive paw friend.

You can take the exhaustion off your life, and you won’t feel so helpless about their over-the-moon energy levels. Not only that, but you can also have that perfect balance of fun and play as you give your high-energy dog its best life.

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